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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Falling Apart?

... and putting myself back together again :)

Yes - rather a strange title for a post, and rather a strange post for ABC Wednesday ... but I figured it was about time I started blogging again, because it is Fun ... and the subject/title Fits the letter F ... so I Figured I may as well risk Freaking everyone out and post about this ... er... stuff I am posting about :)

For a while now, possibly even most of my life, I have Felt, at times, a bit like I was a Failure ... after the last time life as I know it sort of Fell apart (when the person I had been married to for 25 years decided to just walk out without even discussing it) I was a bit of a mess For a while, but after that I Felt a bit better, and thought I was Finding myself ... Figured I was starting a new life, Found and bought a new house ... but then I still Found myself stuck in the same old job I had been in For way too long ... and I was not happy. I thought I would be Fine once I Found a new job ... but that kind of wasn't happening ... and then Finally, "the wheels Fell off" ... I had known I wasn't totally happy (but I was still having Fun doing a heap of things I liked ... possibly too many things? lol) ... and I knew I Felt a bit stressed and stuff ... but what I didn't know was that I had also probably been depressed ... I do now ... also realised that I possibly had been stressed and depressed for quite some time ... but hopefully that is now something that can be, and is being, fixed - now that I have Finally got the right sort of professional help ... which eventually happened this year, at the end of a rather long and messed up process involving my workplace, after I Found myself in the Fairly Frightening situation of getting in trouble at work, because I was so stressed/etc that I was no longer able to do my job properly - and so my world kind of Fell apart ... again (that was toward the end of last year - about when I wrote the last blog post, actually) ... but now that I am Finding out a Few more things about what makes me tick, I Feel that I will be Fine again in a while, when I have Finished Finding out about myself, and can then Finally Find myself :)

This is not meant to be a depressing post - things are a bit Freaky at the moment but I will be Fine :) 
- I am on a journey, and although I ended up on a Fairly rough road again For a while, hopefully I have now Found Four wheel drive so I can get over it, and will get a GPS to keep me on track to where I want to go, and I can be a "happy camper" again :)

... maybe I should have called this post "Finding Myself" ... but I might save that for next round, when I have Found out a bit more about myself, and what direction this bumpy road is taking me - lol
(one thing I do know, is these kind of things take time ... as a certain shampoo advert says: "It won't happen overnight, but it will happen" lol)

... Hmm ... who would have thought I would be blogging (or even talking) about Mental health conditions and myself all in the same story? ... and maybe I am a special kind of weird, telling the whole world about this stuff? ... but when I read somewhere that "in Australia, it is estimated that 45% of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime" - then I think it is something that SHOULD be talked about more often ... who knows ... one of the 2 or 3 people who might ever read my blog posts might read this and think "I wonder if this is my problem" or "I feel depressed" or " I am a bit stressed" and be wondering "do I need help?" Or "should I get help?" ... yes - you probably should! (if you seek help and find out you don't need it - is that a problem? ... but if you don't get help and did need it - that might not work out so well ...)
Maybe I should do "Help" for my H post? - lol
(in the meantime, just do a search for "stress" or "depression" or whatever - there is a lot of information online ... almost too much ... )

and yes, I know - I am kind of talking in riddles, and might not be making much sense ... I am sure I have mentioned this before: I am weird ... lol

In the near (ish?) Future, there might be a Few more blog posts about my Feelings and things, depending how I Feel about things - lol

 ... and hopefully also a Few posts about other, more Fun, things ... like maybe next week, for the letter G, I can talk about one of the Fun thing that has sort of helped keep me sane For the last Few years - Going Geocaching :)

(but don't panic if I don't post next week, or even For a Few weeks (months?) - I am disorganised at the best of times, and my busy life might get in the way - so I might not have time to write that post - in which case I will have to do that one next time around :)

One more F thing:
... If you search for that on Twitter, you will probably find a heap of my tweets (and quite possibly other people's tweets as well) about Geocaching :) "eff off" and go read a more interesting "F" post :)

Unless you want to look at this Funny photo of me First - lol
(One Mum recently sent to me, scanned From the Family album, taken when I was Fairly young)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Er... Oops?

Yes, I am still alive...  Just realised it has been almost a year since I posted here. ..  I really must fix that...
I have kind of been busy... Working at a job I have been doing for way to long, going Geocaching to keep sane (insane?)...  Seems to be my current  way of practising "mindfulness" (last year it was kayaking, and taking Sunrise photos while doing that...  This year I seem to have somehow got in to finding at least one Geocache every day since just after Easter ... Not sure how many days I am up to now - I have a backlog of logging to catch up on  ... Not just my usual disorganised - the last few weeks has been due to not only limited time to log, but also limited phone data/internet - I just had a 3 week holiday on the North Island of New Zealand (travelling around with my parents, in a hire campervan... And having baths in buckets - lol)...  Got a local sim card with 1GB of data to play with... Used some of it for email and the odd look at Facebook and Twitter, and to tweet a few photos... And used most of it for finding Geocaches... Or using the listing's for geocaches that are at places we were going past/to to find things to see and places to camp for the night - lol
I thought I might find 5 or 10 caches the whole time I was there but I found one or more (about 8 a few times) every day - lol
But... Now I am home... and back at work... and life kind of sucks again... sigh...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Peculiar Post Pertaining to the sale and Purchase of Property

Oh ... I just noticed that my Previous blog Post was also a P Post for ABC Wednesday - lol
... which means 25 letters have snuck by while I have been busy! - oops?!
So what have I been busy doing? ... er ... a lot of nothing much, some kayaking, a few other fun things, and ... a whole lot of sorting out and packing etc, and selling a house that belonged to my EX husband and I, and finding myself one of my own :)
Finally got said Property on the market about 3 months ago, and eventually found someone who liked it enough to buy it ... and in the meantime, while the agent was showing it to Prospective buyers, I was going and looking at all the Places I might want to live, and what sort of Property I might want to buy (unit? house?), and which Particular ones I liked/wanted to buy if they were still around when I had sold the other one ... Oddly enough, the weekend after finding a buyer - the Perfect Place Popped up on the market ... and I am now in the Process of Procuring it ... just waiting for the last bit of legal stuff to happen - the day the other place officially becomes the Property of the People Purchasing it, the new place becomes mine ... well - apart from the half the bank will own ... sigh ...
Hmm ... not sure if I really have any Photos Pertaining to this Post, but Perhaps I can Procure one ... ah this will do - I actually Pinched this Photo from the sales listing online ... So you can see a Picture of (what will very soon be) my Patio - lol

Anyway, time to go ... I only had time to Post this because I had a spare hour between finishing work and going to a Public lecture on a topic I am interested in (sciencey stuff :) ... then when I get home from the meeting I have more Packing to do ... the downside of moving house - actually MOVING all my stuff - lol

Monday, May 04, 2015

Perhaps I Should Post Something?

I am Particularly Pleased with this Panorama :)

... and when I thought that to myself, I thought "I wonder what letter Wednesday ABC ( ) is up to? Perhaps I could Post this there? - if, Perchance, they are up to the letter P soon" so I looked, and what do you know?! - that is the current letter - seems I almost missed it, but looks like it will still let me Post, rather than waiting until next round - lol
(It has been a Preposterously long time since I have Posted to by blog ... I seem to be too busy doing stuff to get around to blogging about it :)

Hmmm ... was hoping the Blogger app had improved ... seems not a lot ... Sigh ... is still flakey, and still won't let me do stuff like make bits of text into hyperlinks (if the Blogger app worked better, I would Possibly blog more often :) oh well ... I wonder if it will actually Publish this Post for me? lol

btw - the Photo was taken on my iPhone, Paddling around in my kayak on a Particularly Pleasant evening (yesterday)

Edit: logged in on a work computer to do something, decided to check what this post looked like while I was here ... added the hyperlink the app wouldn't do for me, noticed the Panorama Photo doesn't fit on the Page ... at least not on my screen - so you will Probably need to click on the image to see the whole thing ;)
I also edited my Profile - a couple things in there were a bit out of date ... funny that ... lol

Monday, June 23, 2014

Where the ... whatever ... am I?

Warning: W is for Weird? ... and this post sure fits that description - so read at own risk?! LOL 

Why was this STILL in my drafts folder? (dated some time in 2011 ... !!!) 

Why didn't I post it the first time? ... or the second time when I added stuff? ... oh yeah - because I wanted to add a particular photo that is home on the computer, that is not connected to the Internet, and I keep forgetting to go find it and put it on a USB or my iPad or something so I can add it when I am online somewhere - lol 

Why don't I just post it anyway?

Why not? - I can add the photo in the next few days ... IF I remember to go find it - lol
... then again ... I can Wait a few days, then try and remember to post this as my W post, seeing that is What Wednesday ABC is up to next ;)
Of course I might not even be able to find the photo ... seeing I am not sure Which one it Was or When (or Where) I took it ... but I guess if I can't find it, I have plenty of other photos of Wattle, and Webs ... or something else W related ... lol

*saves post as draft ... yet again*

*logs back in ... several days later, on my phone*
ok ... not quite too late to post this for W this time around ... just remembered I had not posted it ...

Oh yeah - I was going to find a photo or 3 to put in here ... 

Well - this one Will Work - I took it this Week - a Wet Web, spotted While Walking the dog in the fog :)

Rather Wonderful, isn't it? :)

Ok ... Time to post this ... OH poop! - I still need to make those URLs into actual links 

*does lots of stuffing around with web browser and copy and paste etc. and gets annoyed because blogger app on phone does not do stuff like make text into links*

Ok ... Added A URL after one of the bits I actually wanted to make into links might show up as a link in the blog ... if not, I will fix things next time I am online on a computer, if I remember - lol

Anyway ... 

The rest of this post is what was already in here before I added the ... Not so ... little bit at the top:

... and Why have I not been posting any Wednesday ABC posts?

hmmm - I Wrote most of this about 6 months ago ... not sure Why I didn't post it at the time though ... probably got busy and didn't get around to logging in and Whacking it up here in time to put it in the Wednesday ABC linky thingy ... so I Will have to see if I get there When it is time for W again - Which it Will be a couple of Weeks after I am typing this bit ... Which I am doing now because I found it when I was looking to see if I had a half Written T post saved as a draft ... I actually didn't, but I do have one that I started, that Was going to be S and T ... but I just posted my S one for this time around ... but I have Thought of at least one idea for IF I get Time to do a T post This week, which I probably won't anyway ... so this Weird W one just might be the next one after the S post I just posted - LOL

Well ... maybe I should just lose the first word of my blog title and call it "too late, as usual"? ... I have written several Wonderful ABC Wednesday posts ... in my head! LOL

(yes - that still applines now, as does the bit below ;-)

... but I just don't seem to have found time to actually get my act together and actually Write and post the darn things. Often it has been because I have been too busy/side-tracked to even get around to putting the photos onto the computer, let alone into the blog posts they Would be perfect for ... and some of those posts are the ones Which I have started Writing last time around and not finished ... others are just stuff that has happened more recently but I have not even started Writing them because I know I am not going to have time to add the photos in time to get my link into the list ...

Luckily my U idea mostly fits into W, as does my V idea ... Which was actually the same as U anyway (yes - I found a way to make it fit U, V and W - LOL)

I Was going to post about Unusual things ... and most of the Unusual things were going to be photos I took of stuff that has happened due to/in the Unusually Wet Weather ... Which is Why it could also have been a V post - for Very Wet Weather - LOL  ... so now it might, providing I actually DO get said photos ONTO the computer, become a post mostly about ... Wet Weather - LOL

... or maybe not ... I might just save those for some other time - there is probably going to be enough other Weirdness in here already - lol

now ... What Was that other idea that I also thought of? ... not Weather related, but something I just thought of While putting some other (even older) photos on to the computer (I only had about 6 memory cards full of photos that I have not put on here yet!) ... it Was the reason I decided to start typing this post now, before I have actually got the photos ready to Whack in here ...

Well of course I remember ... it was this photo of spider Webs on some Wattle:

hmmm - I Wonder Where that photo Was ... I might be able to find it again, if I can remember When I took it ... (my photos are filed in folders, named according to the year/month I took them in)

... Which I took While going for a Wander in the ANBG (the Australia National Botanic Gardens ... actually that link points to more than just the gardens ... they have all sorts of botany/etc information on that website)
Actually I think it might be the Wattles that I Went there to see ... they had a display, Where they got one each of as many species of Wattle as they could and arranged them all in their "family tree" to show each one was related to each other one ... or something like that ... a bit Weird ... but interesting.

While I am here ... this afternoon I spent quite a While playing with GIMP (some free software, for editing/etc images, that I downloaded/installed last night)  ... and, among other things, I created this Weird Wiggly thing:

... Which, hopefully, WILL Wiggle ... if not here, then maybe try clicking on it to go to the full size version - which is already active online (yes - even before I post this - because blogger sticks them in an online album as soon as I upload them), and it seems to be working fine ...
It is an animated .gif  - another result of my messing around with GIMP when I probably shoudl be doing other stuff - LOL
btw, it Was part of a picture of some trees against the sky ... lol

Thursday, June 12, 2014

V is for Vegetables, Vegemite, and a Very long time between posts?!

Hmmmm ... got an email to say I had a comment on a blog post ... comment was only spam (telling me my post had "good information" *almost falls of chair laughing* and a dodgy looking link to some website - lol), but the post was an ABC Wednesday one ... so I had a look to see what letter that was up to, because I figured I probably ought to post something so all 1 people who read my blog know I am still alive :)
I also had a comment that wasn't spam ... which is how I know at least one person actually does still look at my blog - hi Grasshopper :)

OK ... The letter V eh? ... Not sure what I would post about for that, maybe I should wait until next week? 
*stares into space, notices Jar of Vegemite at back of desk* ... Hmmm - I am a bit hungry!
... So I got up and made a couple slices of Vegemite on toast, so I could post a photo ... then I ate the toast, because it was so yummy ... and had to make 2 more slices so I could take the photo! LOL
(Which was fine, because I was still hungry ... in fact I am contemplating making 2 more slices after I finish typing this! :)

Anyway ... Here is the photo:

Vegemite is rather strange looking stuff, and in many people's opinion strange tasting ... It is a yeast extract, that has a kind of beefy flavour ... And it is Famous/infamous as that weird stuff us Australians eat ... and for being either Vile, or Very yummy - depending on your taste :)

Re the "What is your most/least favourite Vegetable" question - I like all Vegetables - in fact I even liked Brussells sprouts when I was a child! (and still do :)

Also on the subject of blogging, and the letter V - I am slightly disappointed to notice Blogger still don't have the WYSIWYG post editor as part of the iPad app ... sigh 

*saves post and heads off to find a computer to log on to ...*

... and gets side-tracked somewhere in between the 2 more slices of toast and some work stuff and then having to leave in time to go to a gym class, and doesn't get around to logging on to a computer until 23 hours later - LOL
The links are now added, and a couple of typos fixed (but I am sure I missed some ;)

I really should post more often, but between life still being a combination of busy and things still up in the air, and my only internet access being my phone, and work (lunch time and/or staying back after knock off time), and wherever else I can find free wifi, I don't seem to get around to things like blogging as often as I want to ... then again - even when I did have the internet at home, I still wrote way more good blog posts in my head (while out walking the dog or Geocaching or something) than I ever actually wrote on my blog!

Anyway ... time to log off from this work computer, get out of here :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How can it be ... ?!

How can it be ... This long since I have blogged?

How can it be ... This late in the year already?
How can it be that Canberra has now just had its Hundred and first birthday? - only seems like the other day I was at the party for Canberra's 100th
How can it be ... Almost a year since my Husband decided to be Horrible and walk out without even discussing it with me? ... just decided, by Himself (and, He admitted - with some Help from His friend!), that we would be Happier apart ...
How can it be ... that I am still waiting to find out what I am now going to do with my life?
... I was Hoping that something would Have Happened by now ... But I am still "Hurry up and wait" ing ...
However ... Life goes on ... Happy mixed with Horrible, like most people have (just some have more or less of one or the other than other people do and different amounts of each Happen at different times ... if that makes sense :)
This post is probably not very exciting reading, but I figured it was time I Hopped in Here and posted something ... because I just Have to try and post something every now and then ... so the world ... Or all ... er ... 1 or 2? ... people who read my blog, know I am still here :)
Hmmmm - my original intention was to post about all the interesting things I Happen to see or do ... AND post something for ABC Wednesday every week ... Oops? (ABC Wednesday is up to the letter H ... but the linky thingy seems to have closed in between when I looked a Half an Hour ago, and typed most of this on my iPad, and when I then Hopped onto a computer to edit before posting, because the blogger app won't let me add links in my post ... and I Had to include a link to ABC Wednesday so u can all go there and see all the more interesting posts :)

Meanwhile ... I have some other stuff I need to hurry up and do (rather than trying to write Horribly long and boring blog posts :) so I will just Hang a photo (or 5 :) on Here and Hop off Hastily :)

Here - Have some ducks, that seemed to be in a Hurry to go somewhere :)

They just Happened to be Hurrying in the same direction as I was, one day when I was riding my bicycle to work (the fact that part of my ride is along the edge of the lake Helps provide incentive to ride, rather than drive, at least a couple times a week ... That, and it keeps me more fit and Healthy :)

Monday, December 02, 2013

Too many Spiders?

Sometimes I actually post to my blog. ABC Wednesday being up to the letter S, and me having some spider photos handy, was a good excuse :)
... but ... I got busy/distracted (as usual) and I didn't get to post this before Time ran out and we are now up to the letter T ... So I am changing the Title of this post from "Spiders and Stuff" to "Too Many Spiders?" ... which is probably what a lot of people think about a lot of my blog posts (and tweets, etc :)
I think spiders are Teriffic, but a lot of people seem to find them quite Terrifying ... 

(and this next paragraph was already in here - but it fits even better with the letter T :)

I don't have as much Internet access as I had, and when I do, I don't have as much time ... lol
So ... I tend to mainly tweet about stuff that I once used to blog about ... and sometimes (often while out walking the dog) I write really good blog posts ... in my head! LOL

Sometimes I tweet photos of Spiders ... because I See a lot of them ... probably partly because there at a lot to see, and mostly because I notice them ... you see, I am one of those strange people who LIKE spiders :)

Not everyone I know shares my passion for Spiders though ... My son's partner is terrified of them ... so she was not too impressed when she came back outside after I took this photo, and showed her and informed her that it had crawled out from the folds of the quilt over the back of the chair she had just been sitting on!

Sometimes I take rather dodgy photos like this one ... on the path at night when walking the dog (iPhones don't do so well in low light)

The other week I got to do something really fun - I went off with a group of people, led by someone who has become a bit of an expert on Peacock spiders, and we went walking on Black Mountain, looking to see if we could find any - and yes - we did ... only Took a short Time Too (as in a few feet from the door of the bus we went up there in ... "is this one?" says someone - and yes - it was! :)
It wasn't this particular one, but it was this species - we found a few of these ... Maratus calcitrans ...

Another photo of same spider (neither of them are perfect - but probably not bad for a photo of something about 3mm long that often jumps away as soon as u get close, taken with a macro lens clipped on to my phone!

We also found some other jumping spiders ...

You can see how small they are - Tiny! 

I also took lots of photos of other things (normal for me :)

An ant:

Another Ant:

Some Lichen:

Another one of those jumping spiders - with really cool yellow palps :)

Could be another one, or probably same spider in different place - they kept jumping away - lol

Another peacock spider (same species as the other photo I think)

I had so much fun I went back up that way, but not quite to the same spot, by myself a bit later ...
(Well, I had to drive past there to get home, after the BBQ that was after the walk :)

Trouble is ... After spending time at some place with wifi, just so all the photos from my phone would upload to my "photo stream" so I could then access them on my iPad here on the work wifi (I have finished work for the day but sometimes stay late to do stuff online, because my only other Internet is the little bit I have as part of my phone plan) ... I didn't get around to finishing this blog post when I was planning to (and am now almost too late for the letter T!)  and I have just realised that Inhave taken so many photos that some of the ones that I wanted have now gone from my photo stream again - replaced by more recent ones (it only keeps the 1000 most recent photos ... Yes - I take a lot of photos! ... mostly on my phone ... Maybe I should have called this blog post "Taking Too Many Photos"? :)

A few of the other photos I took are still there (until I connect my phone to wifi again ... which I can't do here at work - the network here lets iPads connect, but not phones ... sigh)

This is not a Turd ...

... it is a puffball (a type of fungus)

I also had one photo with perfect timing ... Well - closer than usual - I was trying to take a photo of this flower when the insect flew in for a very quick visit ... it didn't even stay long enough for the camera to focus on it ... (or for me to get the camera to focus - I saw it and clicked and hoped ... but if I had waited to see if it was in focus I would have ended up with just another photo like I usually get whe trying to photograph fast flying insects - an empty flower - lol

Flowers with ... Tongues?! :)

Ditto, with an orchid :)

... and a Grevillia :)

Spider web ... (The spider was most likely hiding inside that curled up leaf :)

Some Translucent ... seed pods (the red bits)

Trees ... and their bark ...

and some more recent photos (the others have all been from that same day on black Mountain :)

Grass, flowering (on my lawn ... I probably should mow it, seeing it has now set seed a d dried out and looks Terrible!)

Curly Tufts of dog fur :)

... and The dog :)

More a Things people Think are Terrible?! 
... A Tray of eyeballs, and the Tools used to dissect them :)

Lots of ohotos of the lake ... I Try and Take a photo from This spot every Tome I ride past ... not sure why here - just realised one day that I had Taken, and Tweeted, a few from here and it might be interesting to have a whole bunch showing how they change with Time ...

Not a T-bone steak - Lamb chops ... 

I had some for my Tea, made soup with a few, and gave some to the dog for a Treat ... Was kind of nice to share with "the man in my life" LOL (far more loyal than the other man in my life ever was!)

This was going to be the last photo, back when I thought this was going to be a letter S post :)

Something for those who survived all the spider photos and are still reading this post - a photo of some swans eating my salad :)

And seeing what was going to be an S post has now become a T one ... I guess I should find some Terriffic, or at least not too Tedious, T photo ...

How about a Tree ... Or Two, or Three ... LOL

(taken at Sunset, seeing this sort of started as an S post :)


and ... seeing I take a few selfies - here is a rather Terrible one? 
(actually most are even more Terrible :)

Me, and a moth :)

And ... One last one ... Because I just took it here on my desk, with the iPad 
(I was going to include a photo of it earlier, but then I noticed I had taken that one before I had added the legs - lol)
A Tweety bird that I made at an art quilt group meeting :)

and now ... after This Too long post ... 'Tis Time to fly off and do other a Things ...

(Well, I could add a photo of my "Travel Eagle" ... but unless you are into Geocaching you won't even know what it is ... and I would have to dig it out of my bag and take a photo, and then try and explain it all - so I will save that for a post That isn't about Too many other things, some other Time ... The way my blogging has (not) been going lately - we will probably be up to the letter G, for Geocaching, by the time I get around to writing another post! :)

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

C is for Canberra

... A City which is now 100 years old - yes, there was a rather Crazy birthday party earlier this year, and a whole heap of other Community events are happening all year long - there is an official website about it here - It even has a Calendar, which I keep forgetting to Check.
One of the things that happened as part of the Centenary Celebrations was the Commissioning and Creation of a rather unique hot air balloon ... which Caused quite a Controversy ... you will probably be able to guess why, if you have a look here - or here -  (yes it even has a website :)
Anyway ... I am one of those who actually like it ... and I was even inspired to get Creative ... in fact I think I got a bit Crazy, because I kind of ended up Creating this hat ...

... and there are meant to be some other photos in here ... but I added (or thought I had) those on my iPad over the wifi here at work, and this one via my phone later ... and then noticed that the work wifi does not seem to be talking properly with the blogger app and they are not showing up when I log in via a work computer or the web browser on my iPad ... ahhh - the joys of modern technology ... 'tis wonderful ... IF it works ... LOL
Anyway, the ABC Wednesday Letter D is already just been posted, and the linky thingy for C posts closes in about 15 minutes, so I will post this and sneak it in there, then try and get the other photos into this post later, when I have time to mess around with stuff (or just put them in another post later - lol)  ... Then I will have to see see if I can think of something for D, and get time to actually blog (my life is still a bit upside down and hectic, with less Internet access than I used to have ...)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

"... and now for something completely different" :)

Seems I had rather a LOT of hair - as you can see in this photo (me doing a "selfie" with my reflection in bathroom mirror - makes me feel like a teenager doing that - LOL) ... and in the previous blog post :)

... so - when I started telling people I was going to get it cut short, they were probably imagining something a bit like this:

but ... I had something else in mind ...

yes - doing the "World's Greatest Shave" at the assembly at the school I work at - several students and one other staff member also did the shave, and several more students coloured their hair.

here is my hair (posing for a photo, in a box on my desk :)

hmmm - rather a lot of interesting colours in there!
(and no dye/etc - all my natural colour, and grey, and the effects of the sun)

and ...

here is my new look!

scary? or not? (actually I look just a little too much like my dad! LOL)

... too bad if you don't like it - because I DO :)

here are a few more (rather dodgy) photos ... because I took quite a few "selfies" while trying to get a reasonably nice one - lol

... and now it is time to finish the other things I was doing, and log off this computer (one on someone elses desk at work, because I don't have one on mine) and get out of this place - seeing my official knock off time was almost 2 hours ago :)