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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Oh Oh

... I missed N

Not what I was planning, but Not really surprising - seeing I posted my M post very late - lol
... So ... for ABC Wednesday - I guess I posted ... Nothing :)
Not that it matters either - I had an idea or 3 but couldn't really decide, and Not sure I really kNew what I wanted to say ... I might use one or more of the ideas Next time ...

Now ...

On to the letter O 
Oh dear ... What should I write about?

Oh Oh? ... I am starting back at work this week, On a graduated return after a few months of sick leave (see my F and H posts for more about why) ...  not sure how Optimistic I am about how it will go ... kind of depends what happens when I get there ... but if I am treated Ok it should work Out ...

Out of sorts ... Meaning unwell - well - yes, that is why I have been off work - I have a Mental Health condition ... a stress disorder ... which I am still in the process of recovering from ... and I am starting to realise it may take some time ...

Odd? ... Of course I am ... it should be Obvious from the weird things I post here :)
I have always felt like the Odd one Out, and known I was different, and a bit weird ... I learnt to live with it, and in many ways I chose to be proud of it ... being an Oddball can come in handy for some things ... Oddly enough, I am not the Only Oddball around ... I have noticed there a few Other Odd people around too ... mostly Online ... and some are more Odd than others :)

Only ...
Only Human, Only earn xxx, Only a ..., Only got 5/10, Only something I made, Only average at doing xxx, Only in your mind, Only mildly Autistic, and so On
... not the best ways to use that word, for all sorts of different reasons (and if I remember to do it - a couple of those are links to interesting things :)
 ... same applies to the word Just ... which people in my quilt group have said is banned when holding up a quilt for show and tell and they say "this quilt is just ... " lol

Ok... Needs a photo... Or 2... Or more... Oddly enough, I found Oodles of photos I could use for O... some for Obscure reasons, some more Obvious :)

An Odd doodle:

... That led to an Odd quilt idea :)

the Other half of my scribbled quilt idea became a couple of Odd tweets :)

Odd shadows

Odd angles

Odd selfie ... In an Office window in Civic

Odd courtyard I found in Civic

Ok, if you must ... Off you go ... Leave me in the dark ...

On top of a hill

Ominous weather ...

Orb spider web :)
Odd art? - no, just some junk someone must have fished out of the lake ...

OK? Where do I sleep?!

OMG - I did it! - 366 days of finding at least one Geocache every day :) ... which meant I was allowed to come and find this challenge cache ... which I actually did on day 367 ... and I am still going - not sure how to stop - lol

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Me (up a tree :)

Maybe I am Mad?
... But I often seem to end up in some odd places, doing some odd things ... including ending up ... UP  in trees - lol

Usually because I am up there finding a Geocache ... although in this case I am being silly and having a snack up in a tree, after finding a Geocache that was hidden up there:

Me up in another tree - finding a Geocache:

Me wandering around on top of a hill in between finding Geocaches (found myself another snack of blackberries too :)

Me, on aother hill:

Me, meeting a swan :)

Silly selfies - lying ON part of a sculpture at Enlighten Festival:

The sculpture I was taking the selfies at/on :)

a different sculpture at the same place:
people could pull the cords and turn lights on and off ... which everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun doing ... in fact I thought it was rather funny standing there watching a whole crowd of adults, playing - turning lights on and off ... especially when I thought about how people often laugh about how Autistic kids like to turn lights on and off ... and there I was watching a bunch of adults doing the same thing - and there was me, watching how much fun they were having, and laughing to myself at how funny that seemed - especially as that was when I had only just found out that I am actually Autistic 

also at Enlighten me in this one - I was lying on the ground to take the photo at this odd angle ...

and the building in the background of that last photo - had, with the use of compputers and projectors, and a photo booth, been converted into a giant "selfie machine" ... where one could go in to the photo booth and your happy snap would end up being displayed on the building - so of course I had to have a go at that :)

me on a lake

My shadow

Me messing aroud with my grand daughter (who took the photo of me wearing the hat that belonged to her toy)

Me and a Meeow

My granddaughter ... and Me ... we take a lot of selfies - lol

Me and a view (on my way to find yet another Geocache :)

Me getting very close to a rather nice big spider :)

Me beside a tree

Me going up another tree for another Geocache
(I had to climb quite a long way UP this one - lol)

Me under a bridge (another Geocache find :)

Me in another nice tree, finding another Geocache

Me after finding the Geocache that was on that island behind me (yes, i had to swim to it - lol)

another tree, another Geocache

Me on a rock outcrop - finding another Geocache ... which I had to cross that river to get to :)

and ... because I currently have this photo on my latop - Me, as a child ... out enjoying nature (with my Dad and brother - Mum was probably the one taking the photo ... and yes - I am the weird looking one, staring off into the distance ... or something ... lol)

... and the photo that gave me the idea for this blog  post ... (that for some reason didn't upload with the others so I had to mess around and then missed the deadline for adding my link to the ABC Wednesday page ... maybe I should stay here, at the library, and do my letter N post right now? lol ... except I am not sure what I am going to do for that one ... )

Me, up a tree ... taken by my grand daughter because she wanted a turn at taking a photo with my phone, after I took some photos of her climbing in the same tree :)