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Monday, March 07, 2005

the other good blog I keep forgetting to tell u about ...

2 posts in one day ... eek! ... LOL
The kids were arguing about who would get to to use the computer when we got home ... so I decided it was MY turn - I have been looking at the blog I posted about a couple of hours ago, and also at this one, which I have known about for a while, but keep forgetting to mention in here - this is also another very interesting textile related blog - Musings of a textile itinerant ... and I know I know this person ... I met her by e-mail (on an art quilters mailing list) and since then I have met her in person too ...

... and now, for something completely different - dd is in here waving a HUGE zuchini at me ... life is never boring? lol
(we bought 2 plants a while back ... the snails ate one, and the other one went mad ... it has paid for itself and then some ... mmm bbq zuchini ... zuchini in salad ... and 2 or 3 happy people at work got one to take home too ...

... now where was I ... oh yeah ... posting this ... LOL
it is probably time I let dd use the computer and went and did something useful (like hang out the load of washing I put in the machine yesterday! ... and then maybe see if I can find a bit more of my sewing room under the mess ... instead of having to shove the stuff aside to try and make quilts/etc with the bits of stuff I can find ... like I did the other evening! (I made a weird bag - more about that later maybe - I should post about it, to a bag yahoogroup I am on ... once I do that I can then copy it to here ... and maybe even take a photo and put that here too ... can't do that right yet ... the bag is in the load of washing I need to hang out - I used it to take to "Skyfire" (fireworks display) the other night and spilt the gravy (from the take away chicken) on it )

anyway ... I have been at the computer for ages ... I kind of pressed a "button" on the other blog I posted about today ... and ended up here - Australian Weblogs ... and of course I got lost for ages looking at even more odd blogs ... dh came in while I was reading one, and I said something like "gee some people write some weird stuff in blogs" ... and his answer? - "yes YOU do"

anyway ... time I did something useful ...

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