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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Can you see ... ?

The grasshopper?

... it's one of these -

I took these photos in the Dunlop Grasland (just over the road from where I live) back in Febuary - an insect expert or 2 took a group of us (from a couple of Landcare/etc groups in this area) for an "insect walk" ... and we saw lots of interesting insects etc ...

now ... in that second photo ... did anyone spot the fly?!!

I didn't notice it when i took the photo - I just noticed it there now, 5 months later! - yes - there is a fly in the photo! ... (sneaking into the background while the grasshopper is getting all the attention?) - not only is it in the photo - it's on my finger! (on my ring finger, on the side next to my pinky)

I really should go get some sleep!

(while I still have a little bit of night left, to sleep in!)


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