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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Checking in ... sort of ...

... it has been a while since I posted (oops) ... I guess I have been busy being a working mum and all that stuff (and some nights I have ended up being busy doing nothing too ... lol)

I have been meaning to post more stuff here for ages ... so here I am posting a URL, and not much else, at some silly hour of night when I should be asleep ... and what was I doing earlier in the evening when I could have been posting a whole pile of other stuff here? ... trying to find something online, that I never did find ... I even went looking for it in my work e-mail (I can log into that from home) ... until that crashed (nothing unsual there) ... never did find what I was looking for ... was details about something I was thinking of going to tomorrow afternoon, but I can't remember what or where it was (there are rather a lot of weird public lectures/talks/exhibitions/etc on in Canberra - I remember seeing something, probably in my e-mail or online somwhwere, about something to go to tomorrow, that sounded half interesting, but I can't remember what it was or who or where etc ... it must be "Andreanesia").

What DID I find while looking around online?
... yes I always end up finding something to fiddle with instead of doing what I was going to do - LOL

I found this -
... there was a link to it on one of the blogs I am subscribed to (using that feedblitz thingy ;-)

It is a fun thing to play with, and could be quite useful too - but a website with something like that on it is probably not the best thing for someone who likes playing with colours to find when they really should be doing other things ... LOL

of course I got lost reading a couple more blogs too ... this one looks interesting - ... the link to that was on ... which was the "featured blog" on the blogger page when I went there to log in to my blog ... I just can't help myself - I have to look .

er ... I better go to bed before the sun comes up or something ... lol

and I think I need to feed the cats on my way past both of them have been hanging around in here for ages ... one has left (she is sitting just outside the door, in the passage now) but the other one is sitting on the floor beside me ... she was walking around on the keyboard of the laptop on the other desk (beside me) before and it was going beep beep beep ... and she was even walking around all over me ... she only gets that cuddly when she wants something, and the something is food ...


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