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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time Flies ...

Tempus fugit and all that - yes, time does fly ... is it really half way through March already?!
... I suppose I could waste even more time raving on about how fast time goes by/etc, but I won't - because that is just the silly title I came up with for what I am really posting about, which is Fly Stitch ...

The "Take A Stitch Tuesday" stitch for week 8 was fly stitch.

ok ... how about this?

bzzzzzzzz ... B$%^%^&^& blowflies!

Not a very good fly is it? ... but it is done mostly with FLY stitch though!

This is what else I did on that bit of felt:

mostly fly stitch on a bit of yellow felt

I have not used a lot of fly stitch (possibly not even any) in things I have made, I think I tend not to use things that seem to be isolated stitches, because I tend to do things in rows/etc ... so I experimented with making it into interesting motifs etc ... I like what I came up with ;-)

I also did some fly stitch on the November journal quilt that I was just finishing (I thought I had finished until I decided the red bit was too blank and needed some stitching on it ... LOL)

some stitching on some thing

I have actually finished that quilt now - so I guess I should take a photo of it and post that here too (I will try and remember to do that sometime in the next few days ... weeks ... months? ... whatever ... LOL

While I was digging out the photos of the stitching on the yellow felt I also found this one (it was taken the same day)

spiraly plant

it is a plant in my garden, with a rather interesting spiral pattern ... which has just given me an idea for another possible design for fly stitch ... so I might have to try that out tomorrow/whenever I get to do some stitching next ... except I also want to fiddle with this weeks stitch too ... I need another 100 hours in each day!

These photos were also in the same folder (taken the day before the felt and the plant ones) and the colours match the previous one so I decided to throw these in here too, seeing there are not many fly stitch photos -

water snail eggs

another, smaller, bunch of snail eggs

they are actually water snail eggs on a bit of rather sad and sorry looking elodea (a weed that people buy for their fish tanks) ... the elodea is left over from a science lesson at the school I work at, and it and the snails were in a glass bowl on the window ledge beside my desk ... I think the weed is now in a jar with a few other bits, because another science class used it (it is good for looking at living plant cells under the microscope) ... having interesting stuff like this on/near my desk is one of the good things about being a science assistant at a high school ...

The same day I also took this photo:

oooh there are spiderwebby thingys on the mossy stuff

- this moss/etc is also on the window ledge beside my desk ... but I hadn't noticed that a little spider seems to have made it's home in there ;-)

it is actually in this terrarium thingy that I made from a styrofoam meat tray (the trays that meat/etc comes packaged in at the supermarket) and a clear lid that I think came from somebody else's box of chocolates ...


hmmm ... it is now 1:35am where did my evening go?!!!!!
(I guess the fact that I didn't come in here until fairly late, and then spent an hour or 2 getting lost in my e-mail/etc digging out free crochet pattern URLs to put into a reply I was posting to a crochet yahoogroup might have something to do with it?! LOL)

Goodnight ...


  1. I LOVE that fly. Also the motifs you made. Nice work.

  2. These are AWESOME picture's!!!Terri


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