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Saturday, May 19, 2007


I work in the science area of a high school, and this was one of the things that came in the box of various supplies that I ordered - as the label on the upside down packet under the other one says - these are some packets of universal indicator paper (used to dip in stuff to test the pH)

Methinks that English is NOT the first, or for that matter not even the 31st, language of the person who wrote this label:

... and the really scary part is ... I think I probably sort of understand what it was supposed to mean ... LOL

hmmm ... if this stuff only keeps for 3 years, maybe I should chuck out the dusty old rolls of the same stuff that I found in a back cupboard not long after I started working there ... I have been there longer than 3 years and they were old and dusty then (which is why I have been buying new packets for the teachers/students to use ;-)

Anyway ... I have a bag to finish making (I want to take it for "show and tell" at the sewing day I am going to tomorrow - a group of us from a quilting yahoogroup are meeting to do a little bit of sewing/etc and probably a lot of chatting/etc ;-)

... I also have a few other things I want to do as well ... so I had better leave the B$%%^& computer alone and go DO some of it ...

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