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Sunday, November 18, 2007

This week has been brought to you by the letter S and the colour red ...

... and white ... and green too ...

Why the letter S and the colour red? - well - they seem to go with stuff that has happened the last few days ...

S is for sniffles (I came down with some cold/flu bug again) and for "sickie" - I just happened to already have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday afternoon, when DD decided she had a "tummy ache" and stayed home from school (which just happens to also be where I work!) ... so, even though DH was home (and even if he wasn't, DD is old enough to stay home by herself) I decided I would stay home too ... I probably should have stayed home the day before instead, but I had to take DD to school, and it was swimming carnival - which is a good day to try and catch up with stuff I don't get a chance to do when there are a whole heap of teachers and students bugging me, so I figured i may as well stay and work ... but I felt "ugh" and didn't really get a lot done anyway (sigh). S is also for stress ... which is what I think I have a lot of at the moment - mostly due to some S#*! that is going on at work (involving a useless person acting in a job I hope they don't get when the permanent person is selected for it, and me being treated like a mushroom, among other things) ... and partly due to the fact that i am probably getting bored with doing the same thing I have done for about 10 years now ... but every year there is more work, less time and less money. Stress is probably why I have had a lot of colds/etc this year, and probably why I seem to have a few other annoying things going on - like getting itchy for no aparent reason - so that is why I was already going to see the doctor before I even came down with this cold ... she agreed that it is probably just stress - but she decided to send me for a pile of blood tests just in case there was something else wrong (and because at the age of almost 45 there are probably a few things I should get tested for anyway) ... she also gave me a certificate for that day off, and the next one too ... so after I went and had the blood tests (that is one place where the colour red comes in ;-) I came home and sewed some Scout scarves that I had been wanting to get done (but not quite getting around to doing) for a few weeks ... (S for Scouts and scarves ... and they are also red ... with a white stripe on them).

I don't know the results of the blood tests yet ... have to go back to the doctor next week ... but now i am worried ... I can't help thinking "what if they find something?" ... like what if I have high cholesterol and I have to eat HEALTHY food?! - yikes! LOL
(I will probably just find out that I have low vitamin C or something and need to eat more oranges ... or low vitamin D and need to go out in the sun more often - which I already think I should do - for the last few months it seems to have got almost dark before i got around to taking the dog for a walk ... so it is a bit hard to get a healthy dose of sunshine if the sun has already set! LOL)

oh yeah - S is also for silly ... which is probably a good word to describe me ...

... and red is also the colour dot mum used to put on the calendar for "that time of the month" ... which is about the only good thing about getting old - menopause will happen sooner or later (in my case probably later - mum and grandma were both about 55, so I probably have 10 more years to wait) and I will no longer have to worry about "Fred" coming every month ... LOL

hmmmmm ... I am sure that lat bit was probably "too much information" ... I should post about my TAST stitches or something instead - lol

btw - yes - my blog looks different too - the red, white and green (as opposed to just the red that goes with the letter S, and the rest of this blog post) and the silly? Christmas pictures/etc are because I decorated my blog for Christmas (I had to - Soozii told me to ... hmmm - another S word - lol)

one last thing - I just put some photos on the computer and found this one that I took about a week ago - S is also for spider ...

this tiny little spider was on the wall outside the house ... and the shadow looks a lot more menacing than the actual spider does! LOL

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  1. A friend believes strongly in Louis Hay's reasons for various illnesses, and I have to admit, she seems to be right an awful lot of the time!LOL
    Itchy skin = someone or something getting under your skin and irritating you. (Been there. Doctors found no cause or cure. It went when the particular person moved out of my life)


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