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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Few Things ...

These are some ATCs (Artist's Trading Cards) that I made for a recent swap:

(actually these are the 3 I kept for myself - but I made at least 4 of each one and sent off 3 sets of 4 ... they have now been swapped and 12 different ones have arrived in the mail - I might post some pictures of those, and all the other ATCs I have got back from swaps, sometime later ... after I get back from Adelaide ... maybe a week or more after - because the day after I get back from Adelaide I get to pack again and head up to Sydney for a week on a Scout camp! (with the Scout troop my daughter is in)

This was a bit left over from making some other ATCs - I made several at once in a long strip, and ended up with a bit that was not big enough for a whole ATC, so I made it into this miniature (about 2.5cm square) art quilt:

This is the same tiny quilt next to some shiny stuff I bought last Saturday:

- it came from the Christmas shop next to that fish pond where all the fish were swimming in circles (the one I posted about in the wee small hours of Christmas Day, when I noticed our internet was working again)
... I have a few other bits of stuff in these, and matching, colours - and I plan to use some of them and at least some of this in at least one journal quilt.

and ... OMG! ... have I just gone back in time to the 70s?!

The green thing is the "Lava lamp" (actually this one had some other name on the box, but it is the same thing) that DH (dear husband) bought me for my birthday the other week. It looks a bit weird in this picture (that is why I took the picture - it was still warming up and kind of looked like it had green pickled fingers growing in it!). He bought it while I was at work and decided that rather than wrap it up he would unpack it and turn it on before I got home, and he sat it on the desk next to the computer in my sewing room (the one that mainly gets used for playing music and the odd bit of surfing the www if someone else is stitting at this one) ... and on the desk I just happened to have a black and white polka dot fabric box I made, and 2 "art deco" style frogs (that I "made" - if you can call painting some glaze on something so somebody can fire it in the kiln for you "making" something - lol - I guess I did do the painting and I did choose what to buy and paint and what glaze to use) ... and when I was lining up the photo I noticed it looked rather ... er ... retro? lol - things like polka dots and those frogs are very 70s ... and the fabric owl fits in too - owls were very popular in the 70s ... I still have a nail and thread design of an owl that I made back then (although it has kind of fallen apart because all the string broke - but one day I might fix it up/do it again)

now ... I wonder if blogger still lets me save posts and set them to be published a day or 2 later - it used to do that, but until now I have never wanted to ... but seeing I am going to be away for the next week or 3, I figured I would see if I could do that ... hmmm ... can't find it in the help files/etc (not that I looked for too long) but there is one thing I might try ... post it now (almost 4am) but change the time on it to a bit later today ... then I can see if it comes up straight away or not, and if it doesn't I can come back in here just after the time I put on it and see if it has appeared ... LOL

hmmm ... still have to upload those TAST photos yet ... by the time I am going to sleep everyone's little kids will be waking up to see what Father Christmas has brougth them! LOL


  1. nope ... didn't work ... it is still 4am, I just posted this and put the time on as 9am, but it is already there now ... oh well ... I will figure out if I can set stuff up to post at a later time/date some other time, when I have more time ... LOL

  2. Andrea I am only leaving one comment to cover your many projects on many pages. Your work is ever inspiring and your camerawork .. I can only say PERFECTION
    Have a wonderful New Year , a safe, healthy and happy one with your family
    cheers Maureen

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