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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mutant Strawberry?!

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I bought a couple of punnets of strawberries ... one punnet only had a few in it - because this one filled up half the punnet!

yes - it was huge (that is a normal sized pen beside it) ... DD ate it ... she is still alive and has not grown any extra heads yet - lol
(mind you - she is a teenager - which is a totally weird form of life anyway)

btw ... I am cheating for this post ... and typing it up and putting a date on it that is still in the future - well if blogger are going to let one schedule posts for publishing later then of course I am going to USE that feature - LOL
... if it all works as it should, then when this post is actually posted, I will probably be down the other side of town at a friend's place either asleep, or still up celebrating her birthday ... lol

(actually I probably cheated for yesterday's too ... I have not actually written it yet - but if I did I will have admitted that in the post ... the plan is to type that up now and schedule that for posting, in case I don't get around to it tomorrow night ... or should that be tonight? ... this gets confusing - lol - especially when I am staying up late writing blog posts and posting them after Midnight - so they are posted on the next day even though I am still up from the day before ... lol)

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