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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Lest we forget"

I took this photo a couple of days ago, before I realised that it was almost 11/11 ...

this image is actually cropped from a bigger photo - it is the middle of a (rather scruffy) poppy ...

Why a poppy? and what is the 11/11 got to do with anything? - if you don't know - you can go to this website and find out - lol

I am not sure if this one was a "Flanders Poppy" or not - but it does look a bit like the ones in the picture on that website, and on a couple of other websites with pictures of Flanders poppies ... (there is a pile of links at the bottom of that page - one goes to "Red poppies")
... it could, however, be a similar species ... there are a few others that are fairly similar.

whatever species it is - it is a weird looking flower ... but - I happen to LIKE "weird"! - LOL

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  1. Some peoples' weird is other peoples' wonderful - or something like that, I'd say. Your photo is amazing and so is the poppy innard. Such perfection of symmetry and construction and purpose and colour and ..... I just like it!


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