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Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Mad Mind ...

I am not sure anyone can ever know what actually IS inside my mind ... but here is a vaugue representation, in the form of an art quilt, of what one might find in there:

art quilt - My Mad Mind

hmmm - I should have made that bottom border a lot narrower, I think it would have looked better that way ... to late now though - it is done and delivered ...
It was my entry in the Unique Stitching Art Quilt Challenge, and I delivered it (it is handy living in the next suburb to the person who runs it - lol) a couple of weeks ago.
The theme was "portrait/self expression" - so, me being the contrary person I am, I decided to do my 'portrait' from the inside out - and do an expression of what is inside my mind.
Once we paid our entry fee (which went to a cancer charity ... I forget which one) we were given a bit of fabric which we had to use some/all of in the quilt (and at least some had to be visible on the front) ... the yellow bit is what I got ... and it was a "me" type of fabric - one I like - and it was tempting to only use a tiny bit in the quilt ... but then I would have had to find another background fabric for my "thoughts", and this bit was perfect for it ... so the whole bit got used ... maybe I should ask if she has any more? ... then again ... I need MORE fabric like I need a hole in the head! ... I already have more than I can use in this lifetime ... but it is amazing how often I still can't find a suitable bit for some particular project or a bit that "looks good with these other 2 fabrics" that is the right size for using in a mystery quilt ... and when I look at how much of it is "normal" quilting fabric (reasonable quality 100% cotton) there isn't a lot of that - just huge piles of all the other stuff that I have managed to accumulate over the last few years (from garage sales, op shops, freebies when people bring scraps to quilt meetings/etc, it is amazing where one can acquire fabric sometimes - lol)

anyway ... I have been doing other things at the same time as this blog post, and now it is time to go get DD from work ... (she works at a fast food place and she has been working a lot lately because quite a few of the regulars have gone away for Christmas) ... so the silly dog photo, or whatever else I may have thrown in here while I was at it, will have to wait for another post ... LOL


  1. Hi Andrea, I found you via Sharon's Pin Tangle blog listing. I love your mind quilt. I would like to do one for my sewing wall, I think it would be very therapeutic.
    Are you related to any of the Carews near Geelong, I went to school with Christine and Bill, her father, is my FIL's cousin??

  2. er ... not that I know of ... and not that my husband knows of either (seeing HE is where the name came from - lol)


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