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Monday, February 23, 2009


Why eek? ... because it is ... Eek! - my blog is going to look boring if EVERY post starts with a letter of the alpahbet!
It would be ok if I actually got around to posting some other stuff in between the ABC Wednesday stuff ... but I don't seem to get around to that lately ... but at least I am posting something ... that was half the idea behind me signing up for/joining in with yet another "silly blog thing" - it was meant to mean that I would post something to my blog Every week ... Except I am already Ending up being a bit late ... but I guess it is not too bad as long as I post each letter Eventually?

Actually it is quite handy that I am not getting around to my E post until today yesterday - because now I can include the Echidna I saw today yesterday:

DH and I went for a "Sunday drive" out to Yass and Bowning (about an hour down the road) and this fellow had just crossed the road we were driving along ... good to see that it made it across safely - often they don't (some drivers don't bother to notice them/avoid them, so quite a lot of wildlife ends up as a kind of 2 dimensional splodge on the bitumen ... Ex wildlife ... with Extruded Entrails ... Etc ... "mmm - roadkill" ... and to think that some people actually Eat it?!)

I probably could have included an Echidna here anyway ... I do have another photo of one ... but I am not sure I would have thought of it if I had not seen another one today yesterday - lol

The funny thing is - this Echidna photo was taken a couple of years ago - but only a few Kilometres from where we saw the other one today yesterday! (it is possible it was the same one - but not very likely - there are probably a lot of Echidnas living in the area, and for it to have been the same one it would have had to cross a few roads including the rather busy Hume Highway)

E is also for Elephant - I don't have a real one handy, so this pretend one will have to do:

It was marketed as "hand carved" , but it is made of some kind of plastic type stuff ... possibly hand made though ... looks cute anyway ... which is why I bought it as a present for someone ... but it is another few weeks until I see them to give it to them (they probably won't see it here though - they don't usually get around to remembering to read/look at my blog unless I e-mail them copies of the posts - LOL)

E is also for Egg ... I was thinking of posting some pictures of eggs in birds nests in the back yard, but A: I can't be bothered going hunting around in my photos for them, B: I could probably do a whole post all about bird's nests with (and without) eggs in our back yard, and C: I already have enough photos in this post.

E is also for Egypt ... I am going there in a few weeks time :-)
(the same holiday I mentioned in my D post, because I am also going to Dubai first)
I am getting Excited ... I can't wait to see all (or at least some of) the interesting places I have been reading about here!
(hmmmm ... her blog still says she lives in Cairo ... but she is back here in Canberra now! ... and yes - I have the pleasure of knowing her in person - we met because we are both quilters, and both in the same online quilting group ... she was actually living in Jerusalem when I joined that online group ... she didn't have a blog then but she used to send some interesting e-mails to the group ... but they were also mostly rather scary ... not a safe place to liveBe sometimes ... then again ... after the recent stuff in the news I am also a bit Edgy about Egypt ... I guess we will just have to be Extra careful (and follow the Excellent advice they offer here) ... I am sure we will still Enjoy ourselves - lol

E is also for Exoskeleton ... in other words - a skeleton on the outside - like spiders and insects and shrimp and stuff have ...
for Example - "Emily" the spider:

- the spider that my Daughter, Erin, decided to name "Emily" ... lol

This photo was taken about a Month later, so it may or may not be Emily ... but the moth also has an Exoskeleton ... and it was probably also very tasty ... lol

I guess it is basic Ecology - predators Eat prey ... that is how they Eke out their Existence ... or something like that ...
I had better stop before i start getting too Existential or something ...

E is also for Extricating the "Extra student" we had in the science lab (at the high school I work at) the other day ... it Exited the lab in a cardboard box (it was hiding in the fume cupboard, and is Extremely quiet - has been living in the science area for a while I think, and quite used to being near people, so it was Easy to catch) ... we let it go in the patch of gum (Eucalyptus ;-) trees just outside the science area ... and it "Escaped" up the nearest tree. (which was Exactly where we intended it to go).

It didn't look to impressed with being "thrown" out in the bright sunlight ... it was not very Energetic ... possums tend to be nocturnal ... up all night and sleep all day.
(but it couldn't stay living in the lab ... the students get too Excited when they realise they are sharing the room with cute furry wildlife, and it is not nice doing science Experiments with possum Excretement all over the lab benches!).
We shut the windows where we think it had got in (dodgy louvre things that are hard to close properly) so hopefully it won't be able to Enter as Easily ...

btw - I was going to post this blog post yesterday, but I went and did some other things and then didn't get around to putting the photos onto the computer and adding them ... although for some odd reason it "posted" itself, while I was out of the room but still logged in, (lucky I came in here to log out of blogger, and noticed it!) and so I had to change the date to UN post it and save it as a draft again ... so if you came here yesterday evening and saw this post on here half finished (and/or saw it and then it wasn't there again later) - that is why - LOL

E is also for Evening ... which it isn't again ... Midnight just came and went while I was still finishing typing this ... oops? ... lol

E is also for the End of this long and rambling blog post ...
... which brings me back to the start - Eek - I hope it is not the End of the Earth ... or Even the End of the Earth as we know it ... Everything changes ... but it is usually Eventually not "overnight" like wars/disasters/global warming/etc seem to be happening ...

Evidently, I don't know when to stop ...

no - I won't keep raving on for Ever
(although I have been known to stay messing around at the computer until my Eyes are almost hanging down all over the keyboard ... lol)

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