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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

But ... I was Busy ...

... so this B post is just a little Bit late.

(er ... it is Belated? ... such an odd word that one - usually only seen on Birthday cards for those who forgot to send the card earlier ... and it looks stupid there too ... lol)

I could probably have thought of Bazillions of B things to post about, for ABC Wednesday, if I had not Been too Busy to post this sooner (actually there probably was a couple of times I may have had time to post something a Bit sooner ... But at the time I didn't Bother, Because I was going to do it "later" - lol)

But ... seeing I mentioned it last week (well - the week before last probably, seeing I was meant to post this last week - lol) ... I had better Bore you all with what I said I would say about Black h0les ...

B is for the Big Bang theory and how the Big Bang resulted in the creation of a Bazillion galaxies (some Big and some small) ... galaxies that astrophysicists tell us each have a Black hole in the middle of them ... and which also contain Bucket loads of Big stars that have died/collapesed and formed even more Black holes ...
But ... the Big question is - where ARE all these Black holes, and what is going to Become of them in the future - will the universe just keep getting Bigger until everything is too far away from anything else for anyone to care? or will some/all the stars become black holes and eat up everything else? If that happens, then what will the universe Be like?- what will happen once the Black holes are all that is left? - will they just keep eating each other up (due to Being attacted to each other's gravitational pull) until there is one Big Black hole? ... That is where my thoughts were going when I started to wonder - where does all that stuff go?! - maybe that is when it becomes too Big to fit in so little a space and we get another Big Bang? or maybe our Big Bang (the one that created our universe) is just the other side of some small Black hole in the Backwaters of some other universe?

hmmmm ... what if our whole universe is just some weird little Blob in some scientist's Bottle?

maybe I had better stop writing all about what comes out when my Brain goes Beserk, before I drive you all Bonkers!

btw ... B is also for Boo Boo - like the Bag of tools that was lost by that astronaut working on the ISS - I just found out it was supposed to have been going to re-enter the atmosphere yesterday - ... I wonder if it is Back yet? - actually it won't/didn't come "Back" anywhere - it will/did Burn up on re-entry - lol

(unless it gets swallowed up by that Black hole that comes and visits my place - the one that eats one sock out of each pair I put in the wash, and swallows up all the Biros/pens and spits out wire coat hangers ... )

Before I go ... I can't not say that B is for BLOG ... lol

... which reminds me (just after I actually posted it!) that I should mention that I am still trying to Blog my way to Antarctica ... hey - I even have 1 vote! - someBody has actually gone there and voted for me!
(... now that I have more than 0 votes I won't get the Booby prize? - another few thousand votes and I might actually Be able to win this - lol)

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