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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cloud 9?

... or #9 dream?

(well - getting all the stuff I want to do - done ... that is a dream ... LOL)

is this cloud 9?

or this?

or one of these?

or maybe this one?

or any of these?

Those were all around here ... mostly in the suburb I live in (while walking the dog) ... but the second one was near lake Burley Griffin, in the middle of Canberra.

This one wasn't in Canberra though ... it was somewhere on the way flying back to Canberra from Mum and Dad's place in Queensland

and these 2 were somewhere this side of Singapore, flying back from Dubai ...

I guess one could say I like taking photos of clouds? LOL

actually - the reason for this blog post is that I just had to have one go out at 09:09am on 09/09/09

(well - it seemed like a good idea when I thought of it earlier today ;-)

... but I will be at work at the time, and probably won't be anywhere near a computer (or if I am - I will be logged on to one to do some stuff I need to do for work, and won't have time to mess around blogging ... I have to type up some order forms, which I have wanted/needed to do for a while, seeing we have totally run out of some of the stuff I am ordering - but it is hard to do stuff on the computer if I don't actually have one on my desk! - I have to get some one else to log off theirs and use that ... ah the joys of working at a public school - no money to have all the things we would like to have ... sigh ... )

I probably should have done some reasearch and posted something interesting about the number 9 or something ... ?

Then again - that is what google search is for - lol

hmmm seems there is a movie coming out soon, with that title - ... and I bet my DD will go and see it ... (she is mad about anything that Tim Burton has anything to do with - lol)
There are also a few bands and songs and games and stuff ...
... and there USED to be 9 planets in the solar system, until the powers that be decided that one of them wasn't big enough to be a planet.
and Wikipedia has the usual page of interesting stuff about the number 9 -

but I don't really have time to be doing all this (so why am I?! ... er ... because it is fun? LOL)

I really should be out getting some stuff ready for the textile art meeting I am going to tomorrow evening - it starts early so I am going straight there from work (via a shop or 3 and maybe an other place) ... and I should have been doing some sewing this evening ... but that kind of didn't really happen ... something to do with going out and having Italian food for tea (with some Lambrusco - mmmmm - lol) and then the evening just kind of didn't seem to have much of it left after that ... sigh ...

btw ... nothing much to do with the rest of this post - but I found the photo below when I was looking for some clouds - someone I know used to write "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade" at the bottom of her e-mails ... life?/someone/thing "handed" me some lemon colourd organza fabric, so I made a lemon quilt! - I found the bit of fabric in the op shop near work - the day before I needed to make a quilt if I was to have it to deliver the next evening for the Canberra Quilters meeting - for the recipe book (the chose the best ones to go in the book, then the rest of the entries went on the back cover as tiny little pictures ... mine was one of those - but that is ok - I like the quilt, and that is all that really matters to me ;-)

oh - one other quirky thing about 9:
I was born 9 months and 3 days after my parents got married!
(but I was actually conceived after the honeymoon and born 2 weeks early ... but apparently it really had the neighbours talking - lol)


  1. hey andrea - why would i reply that I love the "quirky" finish that you gave the slice of lemon???!!!

    It's brewtiful ;-)

    smiling and smiling ;-)

  2. lol
    ... and why is it, that even though you commented as "anonymous" - I know exactly which Sue you are? LOL

    (and yes - when I did that to the lemon I remember thinking to myself that Smiley Sue would like this ... LOL ;-)

    being weird and commenting on my own blog because I am too busy at the moment to actually post something here ...

    (maybe next week? lol)


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