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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yikes! ... is it really 2010 already?!

It only seems like a year or 2 ago that we were all worried about the year 2000 and the Y2K bug ...
In fact it doesn't seem like that long ago that I was being amazed by the fact that I had studied the book "1984" in high school english classes and it was 1984 already ... but on the other hand that also feel like it was 100 years ago ... odd the way my memory works ... lol

Now ... for ABC Wednesday ... we are up to the letter Y ... and there are probably lots of people posting aboout the new Year ... so what else should I rave on about?

er ... maybe just the letter Z seeing it is time to post that one in a few hours!

or I could get all weird and rave on about "Y are we here?" or somesuch ... but I don't know the answer to that - except that we are here because the world has not ended ... Yet - LOL

Yes - Y do so many people think something big is going to happen in 2012?

and Y worry? - it doesn't seem like there is much we can actually DO about it ...

maybe I should start a religion? (or maybe I already did? - seeing I used to have some weird website called "The Prophet Aykayem" ... it was on some free websites thingy that kind of doesn't exist any more ... and it had a couple of weird things I wrote back when I was a teenager, and was going to have some of my poetry on it but I never got there ... I did have plans to re-do that page and actually finish it how I was originally planning to, but I have not got around to it yet ... when (if) I do it will probably be another blog ... but the only posts on it will be the poems and stuff that I have written over the years

Yes - it will be another blog ... I just realised that I probably should make sure the URL I wanted to have was actualy available - it was ... so I used it - LOL ( so I now have a very boring empty blog sitting waiting at ... one day ... year? ... I will actually set it all up and then sometime after that I can put all the poems and stuff there ... once I get around to FINDING it all - lol)

Maybe I should mention the Y generation ... seeing I have 2 of those creatures (teenage kids) living here ... LOL

and I can't not mention Yahoogroups ... in fact I was going to post a list of the Yahoogroups I am on ... but I won't - there are about 50 of them! ... I am set to "no mail" on more than half of those (I joined to see what they were like and never had time to keep up with that many - so I just stayed active on a few really good/interesting ones) ... actually, I have been a member of a couple of Yahoogroups since before the even were Yahoogroups! (back when it was called e-groups, before Yahoo took it over ... in fact before they were even on e-groups - one was on a private server but it got too big for it - had 600 members when I joined and ended up with about 1200 ... it is a quilting list and it is only for Australian and NewZealanders or people who have lived here. The other one is a crochet list that used to be on something called Onelist). I am also active on a couple of newer groups too ... a couple of art quilt ones and a couple others that are actually part of the big quilting list. I mention them in some of my posts sometimes, if what I am posting about relates to one - lol

Y is also for Youtube ... I have a couple of odd videos there ... I put them there so I could put them in this blog! (before one could add videos to posts on blogger without having to put them somewhere else first)

I am still trying to work out why so many people seem to look at, and comment on my silly video of a kangaroo! (I had a quick look but I can't find the blog post at the moment - but the video is here - )
some people have put some really weird comments on there too!
... not all nice ones either - but it doesn't bother me - that is to be expected when one sticks stuff somewhere like that - I think a lot of people must find it when they are searching for those silly videos of things getting zapped/electrocuted/etc that seem to be all over youtube. (they must be so disapointed when all they find is a kangaroo noncholantly wandering around ... and walking under the electric fence ... and just being a typical kangaroo ... )

anyway ... I am not getting any Younger ... so I should not still be UP at this hour! (oops - talking about Up - the sun is about to come up I think! - it is starting to get a bit light outside! oops!)

not only should I have been doing my ZZZZZZ post by now - I should be in bed doing ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ as well!

actually it is DH who makes the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ... I don't snore - I have never heard myself snore yet! LOL
(not that it matters if he is snoring now ... he will probably wake up, and then get out of bed, soon!)

Yes not only did I stay up late doing this, but I spared You all and did not post about YUCKY stuff - the things I do for YOU (my blog readers ... all 1 or 2 of you? LOL)

goodnight ...


  1. That was brilliant! I couldn't stop reading and was very sad wen you decided to go to bed!


  2. Good one! :)

    Talk about Yucky: my word verificationis magat!


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