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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I think it is about time I posted something here ...

I was Intending to keep doing the ABC Wednesday thingy but I kind of got a bit LOT behind ... I am not sure
How I got so Horribly behind ... I
Guess I have been doing other stuff instead of blogging
For F I was going to post all about the Four wheel drive show and the Flooding rains we got that weekend, and/or one about all the Funghi I Found around about then, but I kind of didn't
Even finish the mostly written E post that I saved as a draft because I still had to add the photos
Don't expect to see it (or the F one) any time soon though - I think I might save those for next time we are up to the letter E
Can I plead insanity? ... or something? ... I wonder why I thought I was going to Catch up? I guess I just kind of got way too
Busy with work and other stuff ... and Blogging kind of fell by the wayside, along with my B post, which I also started writing, that was going to Be about the other blogs I have (and post to even less than this one) and a heap of stuff like that - But it will Be a while Before I get time to dig out all the links and other odd things I was planning to put in there - so that will be at least next time around the
Alphabet too. Amazingly I did do an A post ... on Another blog - lol

ok ... this post is a bit Idiotic Isn't It?

... feel free to Ignore It, If you wish ;-)

(I just figured that seeing I was actually logged in here - noticed they have added a thingy where one can have other pages on blogger blogs, and had to come and check it out - I probably should post something so that all 1 or 2 of the people who actually read this blog will know that I do still exist, and I am not Indisposed - just Inefficient ... and kind of Ignoring my blog while I do some other stuff  ... which I should be doing some of now, Instead of fiddling around on the Internet)

"I'll be back"

... In a moment

(well - In an Indeterminate amount of time ... maybe weeks, or possibly even In time to post something Just perfect for the letter J ... If I think of something In time ;-)

OMG ... I just realised - I am actually posting an ABC Wednesday post ON a Wednesday! LOL
(what a pity It is so Insignificant and not a very Interesting one)

oops - It is getting dark and I still have not walked the dog yet ... I had better go do that ...


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  2. It is not INCONSEQUENTIAL that you "happened" to post on Wednesday. There are no accidents.

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!

  3. Whatever your excuse, thanks for the giggle.

  4. I thought your post was quite intriguing. And I do see that you know your ABC's backwards!

  5. A laugh, as always. Keep 'em coming.


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