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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oops? Or something ...

... I was going to call this ABC Wednesday O post "Odds and Sods" ... but I have already used that one!

I could have called it "Oh Dear" ... but - that particular video I took got fried when one of my camera memory cards died while trying to upload the stuff from it ... which is probably a good thing for you lot because it wasn't suitable to post here anyway - it was just a bit ... er ... Off - lol
(someone else took a video of the same thing, and their version is, or at least was, online somewhere ... but I am not going looking for it - lets just say it involved a rather drunk person at a Christmas party, and a reindeer decoration on someone's lawn, and leave it to the imagination)

Ok ... so what shall I post about ... any Old thing? ... all sorts of Odd things?

or should I take the Opportunity to find something that I wanted to post about anyway, that I can make fit the letter O?

Of course what I should do, seeing I am still UP after 3am On a night where I have to get up for work in the morning, is head Off to bed and get some sleep!

I seem to have done what I Often do, and got "lost in cyberspace" again - Ooops?

[One day later?  ... er no - forget that - I am still here - LOL ... I threw these photos up while I knew where they were, then curiosity got the better of me and I just had to see if I could find out what they were]

How about some Odd little plants

... they are very Old ... well these particular ones are young - but they are Old as in - this type of plant has been On this planet for a long long time ... longer than flowering plants etc ... Ooops - I forgot what they were called ... they were more things I saw on that wildflower walk ... and the expert who showed them to us did say what they were, but I forgot the name ... but I remember him saying they were primative plants ... not sure if he said they were related to or came before mosses and ferns ... methinks I might have to google ... but google what? "weird plants" probably won't find them - LOL
hmmm ... I might have actually found it! ... it could be something called Austral Adders' tounge - Ophioglossum sp. ... a couple of websites about that plant genus mentioned that it has rather a lot of chromosomes ... and I think I remember the bloke saying something about that when we were looking at the plant ... it is a type of fern ... an Odd, but fortuitous?, coincidence that it should be a plant with a name that starts with an O ... LOL ... in fact both the Genus and Family are O names Ophioglossum genus in the Ophioglossaceae family ... but Oh what a mouthful those botannical names can be ... lol

... and I should add a few more Orchid photos?

but first ... Oooooops again - it is now stupid O'clock and I am still Out of bed ...

Off I go ...

[a few days later - yes really - I did go to bed, eventually, and now it is probably time I was thinking about, perhaps even writing, the next ABC Wednesday post - because in another day or 2 it will be too late to add this one to the linky thingy]

Ok ... what else WAS I going to add to this?
(besides Orchid photos - seeing I have mentioned those - lol)

Orchids would be nice I guess - I don't Often post Orchid photos to my blog ... probably because One doesn't Often see them ... except  seem to have seen Oodles of them lately - lol

[Andrea goes hunting around in her photos]

Oh - that nearly gave the blogger editor a heart attack ... adding all 18 photos (that I just uploaded as I found them) all at the same time ... lol

Ok - I promised Orchids:

Here is One I had forgotten about - growing in Mum's garden (I took the photo while I was up there a few weeks back)

 now ... back to the photos I took On that wildflower walk:
- a few purple Orchids
 One can see why these Often get stood On without being noticed underfoot - One leaf and a bud comes up, and becomes One flower ... sticking up On its Ownsome ...

Or in this case 2 - because they came u side by side ...
 ... and a spider seems to have made its home in them.

Ok - here is an Odd number of Orchids ...
 3 pinkish Ones.

... and 2 white Ones ...
 seen from the Other side than most Of my photos Of Orchids - lol

this Odd thing isn't an Orchid
 Or a poo (which is kind of what it looks like) - it is a puffball (a kind of fungus).

another Odd thing - and Old cocoon from a case moth
 fallen/dropped on the path and stood On by passing feet.

another Odd looking Orchid
it kind of looks like a rubber monster finger puppet I used to own ...

some hood Orchids
 I was going to put this photo in the Other post but I missed it (which is Ok because I can use it now instead - lol)

another one of my Odd photos
 I take lots of ODD photos

Ok ... you have probably noticed I am not On the wilflower walk any more - now looking in the next folder or 2
and I found an Orange sunset
 this is One of the paths I Often walk the dog down (or up)

One of my Own flowers in my Own garden
 (not an Orchid - a daisy)

another Odd photo - looks like a rather Odd audience for One Odd pigeon?
 actually the pigeon just happend to be there too - the swans were looking at me, and the 2 blokes fishing - hoping someone would feed them.

another Odd photo
 I took lots like this - for a rather Odd reason - I am involved with an art quilt project where a group of us are all making A3 sized quilts Of different parts of the shoreline of Lake Burley-Griffin - and this is my bit - the bit with the "bird on a stick" (also known by various other names - most a bit rude) 
Once upon a time I used to work in a building near that bird (I think it might be just out of the photo on the left somewhere).

Another Odd photo ... On my desk at work actually!
 it was a collection of gum leaves I had picked up ... they were wet so I spread them out on my desk to dry out a bit before I stuck them between some paper to press them ... and I couldn't help myself - had to arrange them in a pattern ... which may (if I get around to it) eventually end up being my blog header or something ... lol

One more Orchid - this was while I was On the quilt retreat a couple Of weeks ago
 I saw it (and a few Others) while Out On my morning walk.

This is the dog - heading Off home at the end of a walk
 no that is not Our house in the photo (which is why this one is not clickable to get the original size - not sure the neighbours would want people peering at a close up veiw of their front door/yard on the www ;-) we live a few houses down the street from there(in the direction the dog is heading ;-)
I like this as an idea for a quilt ... but with a different house in the background ... maybe one done with a log cabin block or something ...

and last (but actually taken before a few of the other photos here) ... One photo that might sort of lead On to the next post/letter of the alphabet ...
a rather Odd sunset ... note the interesting v shaped rainbow like thingy above the sun (a tangent arc, actually) ... and the "ring" ( 22º halo) around the sun too ... both caused by sunlight reflecting off ice crystals in the sky, according to this website. (I pointed that link to a page that shows both the things in this photo - but there is a menu on the left that takes you to all sorts of interesting stuff - I have "lost myself" there for hours at a time - lol)

I could have kept digging around in my photos (I didn't even look in the Other lot of photos I took - the day I climbed to the top of Black Mountain) ... and I have even more photos that are not even On the computer ... but enough is enough I think ... lol

I probably should post shorter posts, more Often? - lol

time I went anyway - not Only do I still have the Other stuff I was going to do this weekend and didn't - I also have a load of washing to hang Out On the line, and small  pile of boxes Of fabric and stuff to sort Out (Or at least move) - they are kind of sitting in a pile in the way beside the doorway in a space that needs to be clear so that the new lounge can be delivered tomorrow ;-)

and ... the dog will need a walk - I can't make him miss Out today - it is his birthday! - he is now 8 years Old!

Oh - One more thing - if you want to see more Orchid photos (or find Out a bit more about them - they really are quite intersting plants) - there are lots Of photos Of them, and lots of pages of information about them, Online ;-)


  1. Odds and sods - a great Who alvbum.

    But seriously, can't read some of your blog - the color contrast is tough.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Outstanding collection - certain out of the ordinary!!!

    Thanx so much for contributing!
    ABC Team


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