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Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Yes ... time for a letter Y post for ABC Wednesday ... Yes - this might actually be sort of on time (if I finish it today, that is).
I was tossing up wondering what I should post about ... noticed I had already done one called "Yikes ..." kind of want to do something with spiders in it (kind of related to some fun I have been having on faceobook - putting spiders in my profile picture, and posting status updates with links to spider websites ;-)   and the profile picture I have up there at the moment is a golden orb spider, which has a Yellow web - so maybe I could do one about Yellow stuff? ... [Andrea starts rummaging around in my photos looking for more orb spiders and other yellow stuff] ... hmm found a few Yellow flowers and I have a Yellow dog ... but there are already photos of those on my blog ... but I found a few Yucky things I have taken photos of - I know ... seeing most people don't like spiders, or some of the other stuff I like taking photos of - how about I do a "Yucky" post - and put a whole pile of gross stuff all in the one post and get it out of my system? lol

so ... in no particular order ... here we go ... a bunch of Yucky photos I took last Year:

A Huntsman of some sort::

I think it was on the wall outside the back door (can't remember offhand, but the background looks like the outside wall of our house)

A garden orb weaver that I found while walking the dog one evening:

actually I think I nearly walked IN to that web while taking a photo of the tree!
I also have photos of these in the back yard ... again - nearly walked into one of them when it built its web on the hills hoist (clothes line)

A soggy wet worm:

on the path somewhere during one of the lots of rain we have had recently.

A soggy wet dog - having a good old time, in the water that was running down the floodway in the rain:

he was actually playing one of his favourite games - fetching rocks/stones we threw INTO the water!

A spider on my hairy arm:

I found this when tidying up on/under my desk at work, picked it up and then realised it wasn't a daddy long legs ... so I looked for it on a spider website I found last night, and discovered it is a spitting spider!
fascinating spiders those -

Dried up cow poo in a paddock:

taken while walking the dog a couple weeks ago.

Dead things in spiders web:

taken in the same paddock as the cow poo.

Spiky spider in a spiky weed:

this was the owner of the dead dragonfly in the previous photo ;-)
I am not sure what it is - went looking on that spider website ( ) and found that it is probably some species of orb or wheel weaving spider ... and ended up LOL @ a newly described genus called ... Backobourkia (I wonder if that is where they found it? - "Back o' Bourke" is an Australian expression for any place that is way out in the middle of nowhere ;-)

Soggy wet mud where i had just spent the night camping:

yes - that blue tarp was where I had just been sleeping - I woke up, carefully climbed out of my swag, packed it, and my pillow/quilt/etc up on the table with my other gear, and took this photo - and the only thing that got wet was my feet, the water bottle and flip flops (thongs/jandals/whatever else you call those things) beside it, and that blue tarp! - I had managed (not sure how after half a dozen beers ;-) to find the ONE spot in the tend that was about 1mm higher ground than the rest of the ground in there! ... but if I had woken up about 10 minutes later I probably would have got wet because the water kept running in. This was the Sunday morning of the big 4WD show out at Queanbeyan in about Febuary last year - it kind of got rained out ... this was one of the things I was going to post about for the letter F ... but kind of didn't get time.

half disected hearts in a science class at the school I work at:

one of the less mangled ones, where you can actually see the valve and stuff like they were supposed to - some of the students mucked around (as usual) and kind of ended up with diced mush ...
Another spider ...
with a packed lunch?

and I didn't notice until I was looking at the photo deciding if I wanted to put it here - the spiders bundle of food looks like it has maggots crawling out of it! - so of course I had to put it here in my YUCKY post!
Most people go to the beach and look at waves and shells etc - I take photos of spider webs on the rocks!

this was in the middl of the year when DH and I went to Tasmania. (I also took photos of the water and the sand and shells and stuff)

Also taken on the Tasmania holiday - my bowl of miso soup going all curldy and weird looking:

Miso soup seems to do that ... actually made some quite interesting patterns at times. When I first tasted it I thought it was a bit Yucky ... kind of tasteless and weird ... so, I figured I might see if putting some wasabi in it made it taste better - it sure did - YUM!  (Miso soup is now one of my favourite foods ... but only if I have some wasabi to put in it ;-)

again ... go to the beach and take photos of ... Yucky old seaweed and slimy foam?!

well ... I liked what it looked like!
(that was some beach in Tasmania too - it was evening and DH sat in the hotel room reading a book or something and I went for a walk on the beach in the dark ... slopping around in the wet sand/etc as the tide went out ;-)

er - I only got through about half of my "2010" folder of photos - but I think that might be enough for one blog post!

... and I only used SOME of the photos of spiders and caterpillars and mud and stuff that I have - I found so many spider photos that I may have to do Arachnids for my A post! ... and I could do one for Insects and Mud and Prickles and Caterpillars ... but I might have to start doing some nice ones too - like Art and Crochet and Beads ... and I guess You are all wishing I had done Yarn for my Y post! (I might have if I had actually thought of that before now - LOL)

if you want more "yucky" stuff - go to that spider website ...
or maybe visit the what not to crochet website - lots of yucky stuff there! (ditto whith a few of those other "what not to ..." type websites)

hmmmm ... just did a search on amazon - and there are a LOT of books about Yucky stuff! - In fact there are a whole pile of them: Search for yucky or ... Search for spiders 

ok - time to post this before I have to do my usual and say "I WAS going to post this Yesterday but ..." (and then still not post it until it is a week, or even a year, later - lol)


Feel free to have your say ... I will read it eventually ... and maybe even answer you, if you asked a question ;-)