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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here Be Dragons ...

Drats ... I have missed quite a few ABC Wednesday posts, but I have just Decided that, Despite the fact that I am Dead tired and I already have less than 8 hours in which to sleep before I have to get up and Dash off to work, I might Duck in here and do a D post (before the linky thingy closes in a few hours time ;-) after all - I Did take a couple of photos, a few Days ago, just for this post!

I took a photo of a Duo of Dragons!

water dragons ;-)

and then I took a (blurry) photo of another lizard - Drinking 

this is a stumpy tailed lizard, also known as a sleepy lizard (which is what I grew up calling them)

this is a better photo of a sleepy lizard, and 3 blue toungue lizards

All these are native to Australia, and I have seen all of them in the wild (well the sleepy and blue tounges definitely ... the water dragons I often see in the botanic gardens are probably not totally wild ... but they are not fenced in or anything either). These photos were taken at a reptile exhibit at the CSIRO Discovery Centre - they had an open weekend as part of Science Week.

I also took a video of the sleepy lizard Drinking

hmmm ... reminds me of that saying "flat out like a lizard drinking" lol

and now ... on a Different subject - a couple of photos I took last month:

who needs a cat when you have a Dog who Does this?

and this:

I am glad this is DHs pillow and not mine! ... he slobbers so the pillow was a bit Damp (er ... probably a LOT damp actually ;-)
(ok ... some might think that is Disgusting - lol - but Diesel (the Dog) is part of the family - we are probably already sharing his germs anyway ... and I think humans probably have more germs than Dogs Do ... except maybe if the Dog has just been rolling in or eating some "Doo Doo", or Dead things, or some other Disgusting stuff ... lol)

D is also for Div tags ... which this Darn blog editor insists on putting in, even though I keep changing the settings to try and stop it Doing that (although the reason it doesn't work could be that I probably Don't know what I am Doing) - when it adds Div tags it seems to stuff up the formatting and make it Difficult (or Downright impossible!) to put the text where I wanted it to go ... so I have to Dive into the "edit html" mode and Delete them all and that seems to make things work ok - lol

D is also for Drawing Doodles ... I have Done a few of those lately, but I have not taken photos of them or scanned them yet ... I will Do that later ... (I guess I could post them under L for public Lectures - because that is where/when I did them! LOL)

oh good ... the video uploading is Done ... now all I have to Do is publish this, and I can head off and Dive under the Doona, and Drift off to "sleep, perchance to Dream" ... (I Don't remember what that is a quote from - one of Shakespears plays I think)

btw ... I have something perfect planned for my E post ... (just happens to be the right timing for something I want to post about anyway ;-) that is if I Do get around to Doing my E post (rather than just Doing some of it and saving it as a Draft, and then finding it, still unpublished, a year or 3 later when I am Digging around in blogger) if it Does get Done - it is Definitely going to be Delightful ... well ... maybe not? lol ... but I Definitely Do want to share it with you ... (all 2 or 3 people who read my blog - my MUM doesn't even read it, unless I e-mail it to her ... lol)

oh ... I just realised - I Didn't post anything about my crochet Dragon!

... I Did it for an online Exhibition - so I will try to remember to add it to my E post ... which, if I actually Do it this week, will be about another Exhibition or 2 anyway ;-)

but I Decided I just had to put at least one photo of my crochet Dragon in here - in my Dragon post! lol

I also found this:

- an interesting example of a "what  not to Do" - when out walking the Dog in the Dark, it is a good idea not to try and take a photo, in the Dark, when one is still wearing a pair of fluffy blue gloves - LOL
(it is a good thing I take Digital photos ... so I am not wasting film when I Do Dopey stuff like that ... DH would argue that I am wasting space on the hard Drive on the computer - because even if the photo is a "failure" I still tend to keep them, rather than Do what Mum does and Delete the Dodgy ones  ... I guess that is because I think I might find a use for them one day - and see - with this one I DID ;-)


  1. Yeah, it DOES look like a dragon!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Better late than never, that's my motto! I enjoyed your Dragons, they are fascinating critters. And your crocheted Dragon is adorable, I love how you posed him in Draped in the tree!

    I too have Difficulty Deleting even my Dodgy photos!

    As for drooly Diesel, he looks quite comfy and who can blame him for wanting to slobber affectionately on Daddy's pillow?

    Great use of all those D words and photos!

  3. Enjoyed reading your D entry. I'm also struggling to get my ABCs on time before the linky thingy closes.


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