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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Because ...

Just Because ...
... I like to take weird photos ;-)

of trees and hills,

trees and moons,

more trees and moons,

trees in the dark,

trees in the daylight, looking straight up,

more trees at weird angles from underneath,

trees with flowers,

more trees with (and without) flowers,

weird trees and even weirder sky,

more trees and that weird sky,

not to mention other odd stuff like interesting patterns on manhole covers,

and raindrops in the puddle in the almost empty moat at the Academy of Science building,

and, for now I have decided I will spare you from the other thing I took photos of in that puddle (the dead mouse, which I will probably post about as "D for Disgusting" or "Y for Yucky" or something ;-)
so I will finish off with another photo of a tree in the dark.

I could go on (and on and on and on) but I think a "bakers dozen" (13) is probably enough photos for an ABC Wednesday "J" post ...


  1. One of your best posts!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. I love your shots!! great photography!!
    J is for ...

  3. Just because is a just great post for J-Day!
    ABC Wednesday Team

  4. Beautiful pictures :)

  5. Those are gorgeous!

    My ABC entry, please come and see. Thanks!

  6. Brings back fond memories of a trip to Australia a few years back...there's something distinctive about your skies...

  7. Wow - 7 comments already!
    ... I wasn't expecting that many people to even READ my blog! LOL
    I am glad people like my photos (well - these ones anyway - for every half decent one there are probably at least 10 not so good/didn't work out/etc ones ;-)
    hmmmmm - I guess I will Just have to do a few more posts with a few photos, and even fewer words ;-)

  8. I love those pics of trees (i for inspirational?) and glad you didn't show the dead mouse!
    Charlotte (Ms Lottie) from NZ (from the AusNZArtQuilters List)


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