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Monday, June 23, 2014

Where the ... whatever ... am I?

Warning: W is for Weird? ... and this post sure fits that description - so read at own risk?! LOL 

Why was this STILL in my drafts folder? (dated some time in 2011 ... !!!) 

Why didn't I post it the first time? ... or the second time when I added stuff? ... oh yeah - because I wanted to add a particular photo that is home on the computer, that is not connected to the Internet, and I keep forgetting to go find it and put it on a USB or my iPad or something so I can add it when I am online somewhere - lol 

Why don't I just post it anyway?

Why not? - I can add the photo in the next few days ... IF I remember to go find it - lol
... then again ... I can Wait a few days, then try and remember to post this as my W post, seeing that is What Wednesday ABC is up to next ;)
Of course I might not even be able to find the photo ... seeing I am not sure Which one it Was or When (or Where) I took it ... but I guess if I can't find it, I have plenty of other photos of Wattle, and Webs ... or something else W related ... lol

*saves post as draft ... yet again*

*logs back in ... several days later, on my phone*
ok ... not quite too late to post this for W this time around ... just remembered I had not posted it ...

Oh yeah - I was going to find a photo or 3 to put in here ... 

Well - this one Will Work - I took it this Week - a Wet Web, spotted While Walking the dog in the fog :)

Rather Wonderful, isn't it? :)

Ok ... Time to post this ... OH poop! - I still need to make those URLs into actual links 

*does lots of stuffing around with web browser and copy and paste etc. and gets annoyed because blogger app on phone does not do stuff like make text into links*

Ok ... Added A URL after one of the bits I actually wanted to make into links might show up as a link in the blog ... if not, I will fix things next time I am online on a computer, if I remember - lol

Anyway ... 

The rest of this post is what was already in here before I added the ... Not so ... little bit at the top:

... and Why have I not been posting any Wednesday ABC posts?

hmmm - I Wrote most of this about 6 months ago ... not sure Why I didn't post it at the time though ... probably got busy and didn't get around to logging in and Whacking it up here in time to put it in the Wednesday ABC linky thingy ... so I Will have to see if I get there When it is time for W again - Which it Will be a couple of Weeks after I am typing this bit ... Which I am doing now because I found it when I was looking to see if I had a half Written T post saved as a draft ... I actually didn't, but I do have one that I started, that Was going to be S and T ... but I just posted my S one for this time around ... but I have Thought of at least one idea for IF I get Time to do a T post This week, which I probably won't anyway ... so this Weird W one just might be the next one after the S post I just posted - LOL

Well ... maybe I should just lose the first word of my blog title and call it "too late, as usual"? ... I have written several Wonderful ABC Wednesday posts ... in my head! LOL

(yes - that still applines now, as does the bit below ;-)

... but I just don't seem to have found time to actually get my act together and actually Write and post the darn things. Often it has been because I have been too busy/side-tracked to even get around to putting the photos onto the computer, let alone into the blog posts they Would be perfect for ... and some of those posts are the ones Which I have started Writing last time around and not finished ... others are just stuff that has happened more recently but I have not even started Writing them because I know I am not going to have time to add the photos in time to get my link into the list ...

Luckily my U idea mostly fits into W, as does my V idea ... Which was actually the same as U anyway (yes - I found a way to make it fit U, V and W - LOL)

I Was going to post about Unusual things ... and most of the Unusual things were going to be photos I took of stuff that has happened due to/in the Unusually Wet Weather ... Which is Why it could also have been a V post - for Very Wet Weather - LOL  ... so now it might, providing I actually DO get said photos ONTO the computer, become a post mostly about ... Wet Weather - LOL

... or maybe not ... I might just save those for some other time - there is probably going to be enough other Weirdness in here already - lol

now ... What Was that other idea that I also thought of? ... not Weather related, but something I just thought of While putting some other (even older) photos on to the computer (I only had about 6 memory cards full of photos that I have not put on here yet!) ... it Was the reason I decided to start typing this post now, before I have actually got the photos ready to Whack in here ...

Well of course I remember ... it was this photo of spider Webs on some Wattle:

hmmm - I Wonder Where that photo Was ... I might be able to find it again, if I can remember When I took it ... (my photos are filed in folders, named according to the year/month I took them in)

... Which I took While going for a Wander in the ANBG (the Australia National Botanic Gardens ... actually that link points to more than just the gardens ... they have all sorts of botany/etc information on that website)
Actually I think it might be the Wattles that I Went there to see ... they had a display, Where they got one each of as many species of Wattle as they could and arranged them all in their "family tree" to show each one was related to each other one ... or something like that ... a bit Weird ... but interesting.

While I am here ... this afternoon I spent quite a While playing with GIMP (some free software, for editing/etc images, that I downloaded/installed last night)  ... and, among other things, I created this Weird Wiggly thing:

... Which, hopefully, WILL Wiggle ... if not here, then maybe try clicking on it to go to the full size version - which is already active online (yes - even before I post this - because blogger sticks them in an online album as soon as I upload them), and it seems to be working fine ...
It is an animated .gif  - another result of my messing around with GIMP when I probably shoudl be doing other stuff - LOL
btw, it Was part of a picture of some trees against the sky ... lol

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  1. interesting post for W. I love the spider web shot. Carver, ABCW-Team


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