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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

check out this Dude ...

The Crochet Dude

I was actually looking at this site over my friends shoulder (I am there visiting ) ... but she had to get up and organise something so I stole her seat at the keyboard ... LOL
... that is when I noticed that the page we were looking at was a blogspot one, so I decided to take advantage of the "blog this" thingy on top to log in and send something to my blog - so if anyone actually DOES read the thing - then all 2 of you will know I still exist.
btw ... it is an interesting crochet/etc blog

I have been busy crocheting beanies lately - I kind of got side-tracked from the other stuff I was doing (clothesline crochet pots and stuff I think I WAS doing ... lol) ... I will take some photos sometime ... then, when I get around to finding a handy place to put them online, I can put them in here (or just post a link ;-)

anyway ... Janice is probably going to want her seat back soon ... so I had better go ...

... time I got my crocheting out ... she has a flex day and I am on holidays so I came over so we could crochet together for the day ... but the day has half gone and we have not actually got to the crocheting yet ...

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you and your friend found it! :)


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