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Friday, May 13, 2005

Animals, and stuff ...

Hi All,
I posted a picture of the dog back in January ( ) but then I never got around to showing you the other animals ... and I have not put many pictures in here lately ... so I guess I have a good excuse for staying up too late and doing it now ... LOL

Here ...

... is Pixel
she is almost 16 years old now (older than the kids!)

and here ...

... is Spook (er ... about 13 years old) pulling out my pins (one of her favourite games)
- she is the one who has a "double" on The Crochet Dude's blog (at - well ... they do look similar if you don't look too closely ;-)

and here ...

... is Diesel, relaxing on the lounge ... laptop, coffee ... what more could he want? (well, fingers to type in the URLs might help, and some coffee in the mug ... LOL ... and probably a few other doggy wishes that I probably shouldn't mention ;-)

That's it for the "normal" pets ... "but wait, there's more" ... lol
I also have some pet stick insects!

... there are 2 different species in there (Children's stick insects and Tropical stick insects - both are native to Australia, and both eat Gum leaves - so they are easy to feed ;-) and the males and females look different, so do the juvenile ones ... probably all a bit too confusing to try and explain who is who in the photo ... lol

and, the other reason I decided to post stuff here at this hour of night is because ...

I just posted this (below) to a crochet list I am on ... but it belongs here too (it went to the crochet group first because it started out as a reply to something on that ... but it kind of grew ... LOL)

Janice said
> Whatever I choose, I will need to keep the cats

> away so that I don't get their fur caught in it!


Almost all of my crochet projects are made with very special exclusive yarn - a mix of acrylic (and/or wool/cotton/whatever) and the hair of 2 cats and a dog, and sometimes even one of my hairs too ...
btw ... an odd mix of yarns and even the odd hair or 5 doesn't matter with what I am working on at the moment ... I am doing some scrumbling (the current plan is that it will be a sort of shawl thingy ... but ... most of my crochet projects are subject to change without notice ).
I also came up with another idea, for another scrumbly thingy I want to make, this evening - after work today I went to a Teacher's workshop thingy at Questacon (I'm not a teacher but they let science assistants go too ) ... it was to do with sound and making weird musical instruments to help teach/demonstrate the science of sound, and I found a dead (stretched and tangled up) "slinky" (a wire spring thingy that they sell in those sorts of shops that sell toys for people who are interested in science) ... and it just so happens that they have a "Spring" challenge on a free form crochet list I am on ... so ... my "spring" might end up being free form crochet with wire/etc crocheted on/in/around a tangled up slinky spring ... LOL (they did say "spring" could be any meaning of the word, and didn't have to mean the season with flowers etc )

(for those that don't know what a slinky is I just did a google search - has a picture of one , and has a picture and the story of how it was accidentaly invented ... and if you want to see something really weird, is the first thing that came up in the search results ... I have seen that page before (a year or 3 ago), but I had forgotten about it - and I am glad I saw it again - the person soldered together a whole bunch of slinkys and did some really weird stuff - and we all know that I like weird stuff - LOL)

disorganised in Dunlop
... who found the "double" of one of my cats on "The Crochet Dude"s blog! (his cat is at and I just put a pic of mine at

That photo is now in here too ;-)

... not exactly the same, but at a glance one could be mistaken for the other)

hmmm *andrea's mind wanders* ... if I got a ball or 3 of yarn, and mixed it up with a rather playful kitten/cat ... and maybe got in and helped with my crochet hook ... I could create a "transient scrumble" and call it "crochet scrumble with cat"

... I think I had better go get some sleep before I get too weird!
(oops - too late?)

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