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Saturday, January 07, 2006

I keep finding interesting blogs to read

Last night I was reading a blog ( ) which belongs to someone I know from a couple of yahoogroups we are/were on and she mentioned what someone had said (about how an artist can't really separate their art from their life - I agree with that too) ... and she had the link to that someone's blog - so I went for a look, and got lost for a while - lol ... and i even left a comment ... if you want to read that blog, or what I said - my comment is on the bottom of this - West Country Mother's Thoughts on Stuff: Footnote - Big Yuck! ... and I think there was a "home" button to get to the rest of her blog ... or just do what I do to find the home page of a site and go to the top of the browser and delete the end of the URL back to the first / and hit enter ;-) ... or (I noticed this later and added this bit when I was editing the post, to fix the link so it was blue) - just click on the title up the top of the page - LOL

The trouble is - while I am reading all these blogs, I am not putting that stuff in mine! (the stuff I said I would the other day ... lol)

but ... I did do something useful today - my daughter needed a "day pack" for her trip to Sydney (with her Scout Troop) ... so, after listening to her describe some towelling backpack bags she had seen and liked, I made her this one from a $1.50 hand towel ... much cheaper than buying one with that trademark "tick" on it - lol

I will post a photo shortly ... I can't do it here/now because I am posting this using that "blog this" thing that is also at the top of this blog ;-) - and it doesn't have the thingy to add photos ...

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