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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Re duce, re use, re cycle, re diculous!?

I know ... that is NOT how to spell "ridiculous"

... but maybe this is how to LOOK it?

yes - that IS me ... dressed in the jumpsuit thingy that I crocheted from cut up plastic shopping bags!

hmmmm - methinks this adds a whole new meaning to the term "bag lady" LOL

The person organising the fashion parade that I wore this in (this photo was taken just after it) said I should try and look light on my feet and be graceful, like I am flying ... yeah right ... graceful as a dodo maybe ... LOL

The fashion parade was part of the TASDA exhibition ... which, as far as I know, went well ... last year I sold all 3 of the Tunisian crochet scarves I had in the bazaar ... so this year I crocheted a few more ... and yes - only one sold (I guess one is better than none ;-)

... DD (dear daughter) was happy - she got to choose a couple from what was left.

btw, the theme for the exhibition was "Poles Apart" ... and this ... er ... thingy ... was part of the "rags to riches" section - where the idea is to recycle old garments and make them into something new and exciting ... the colours I used are meant to look like ice/snow/etc to fit the theme ... and somewhere in my weird mind the theme and the recycle idea, and who knows what else that was on my mind at the time, all ended up mixed together and I ended up calling it "Icrarus, The Snow Phoenix" ... and I came up with the idea that Humankind has flown too high and now our Earth is melting, and when we fall - I wonder what is going to rise up in our place?

(and what comes after is going to be poles apart from what came before?) ... or something like that ... I think I think too much?

Now that the TASDA exhibition is been and gone, I have less of an excuse for not blogging all the other stuff I have been promising to put up here (like the whole pile of TAST stitches I have done and not blogged yet) ... although I do have some ATCs I want to make for a swap (might or might not do those - depends if I come up with any good ideas in the next few days) ... and another "inchie" swap coming up ... I definitely want to do that one ... and my sewing room still looks like a bomb hit it ... but ... it is school holidays for the next 2 weeks (which means I don't have to go to work ;-) so I am sure I will end up having at least a couple of late nights in here scanning bits of stitching and messing around with photos and sticking stuff in here for anyone mad enough to read this ...

talking about late nights ... I have been busy putting photos on the computer, and it was already getting late when I came in here and started doing that ... now it is nearly 4am ... and I need some sleep! LOL

goodnight ...


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