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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blogging in strange places ...

where? - at work! LOL

- but it is ok - I am not supposed to be working right now - I am logged on as a "student" in a computer classroom, because I have been learning about stuff with a group of teachers.

I really should go and have afternoon tea ... but decided to do this first ... except this computer/network/something is so darn slow ...

... it also wouldn't let me add the picture, so I am cheating and finishing this post off a couple of hours later at home.

hmmm ... now where was I?

We were learning how to make forms using Microsux Word ... I saved mine and g-mailed it home

(yes I used g-mail not my work e-mail - had to log in to my g-mail online and use that because we don't have access to our staff e-mail/etc when we are on the student network - the student and staff networks are totally separate ... all very complicated sounding but it makes sense - what teacher/etc would want the students being able to get anywhere near their e-mail and stuff?! lol)

anyway ... as I was saying ... I did a screen shot and was going to post it to my blog before I went and had afternoon tea (if you can call a couple bits of slice at about 5pm "afternoon tea") it might have been a glitch with blogger, but more likely it was because so many things are blocked/not allowed on the student network that I woldn't let me - either way, I couldn't post the picture in here (oddly enough it let me log in here ok ... but the other window that opens when you want to upload a picture sort of half opened for a second and then closed itself/vanished) ... so I opened it from the e-mail I sent myself and took a screen shot of it just now - and here it is:

really exciting isn't it? ... NOT! LOL

... wasn't worth all the effort of sending it here was it? ... but I needed an excuse to post something silly to my blog ... lol

I wonder if I will remember how to do it if I ever actually need to create a form in Word? ... lol

(I wonder if it even works the same way in the different version of Word that is on this computer? ... not that I am very likely to need to creat a form anyway ... the thing I learnt about after "afternoon tea" might be more useful though - we messed around with Microsux Access ... and I actually DO need to create a database at work, so now I know one way I can do it ;-)

Anyway ... I had better post this and go and put the biscuits, that I just baked, into the tin (I had to leave them to cool down a bit first) so I can put them with my bag I take to work so that I won't forget them in the morning - because it is the Science faculty providing the food for morning tea tomorrow, and I am part of the Science faculty ... (we don't have food every morning tea - just every 2 weeks - on the Friday when it is pay week).

yes - this is probably the world's most pointless blog post, and probably wasn't worth reading ... but it does serve one purpose - it lets anyone mad enough to actually want to read my blog know that I am still alive ... hopefully I will post something a bit more interesting soon ...

I suppose I could post something more interesting in here now ... well - it is interesting if you like moths:

... this gorgeous little moth was on the lounge room wall the other night ... spotted by DH while I just happened to be playing with the new digital camera that DH bought the day before (he got it for half price because he was a regular customer at the shop that had it - it is a fancy little waterproof one, that is smaller than the big one I have been using for the last few years - so better to carry around places because, unlike the other one, this one fits in a pocket ;-)

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