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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Someone else is giving stuff away

This time, it is a rather cute redwork pattern, being given away by Lynette Anderson Designs ... although if you are reading this post any later than the day I am posting it you will probably be too late to be in the running ... oops? - but I only just found out about this myself (or I would have posted it sooner) - and I want to win it so I can give it to someone I know, because I know they want it ...

... but even if it is too late to enter - her site is worth visiting for all the other cute designs there ... including a free BOM (Block Of the Month) that I am very tempted to join in with (or at least download the patterns so I can try and catch up later in the year when I have time), or at least to see the picture of Hugo giving everyone "that" look, with his cute puppy dog eyes!

btw, Hugo has "puppy dog eyes" because he is a dog ... lol

"what on Earth are 'puppy dog eyes'?" and "what do you mean by 'that' look?" you ask?

well ...

as they say on the cooking shows "here is one I prepared earlier" ...

This photo was taken about a year ago - it is Diesel, just after I had given him a bath ... I think he might have been saying "why did you bath me when I had just got nice and smelly at last?" or [noticing the spiky look to the hair on top of his head - more noticable if you click on the photo and look at the full size version] maybe he was saying "did you really have to give me that hair do?" ... but most likely he was saying "ok, now that I have had a bath - when do I get to go for a walk and see if I can find something to roll in so I can start to smell 'doggy' again?"
hmmm ... that reminds me - the quilt on the chair behind Diesel - the one that he has been sleeping on! (I put it there to make the chair look nicer for visitors, but the dog thought it was put there just for him) - is the one I have just entered in the quilt exhibition (I didn't have a recently finished bed quilt to enter, and we are allowed to enter something we made ages ago provided it has not already been in there before, which it hasn't, and provided it still looks newish and is clean) ... and yes I knew it would need a wash if I was going to exhibit it ... and I checked to make sure it was only the washable kind of grotty (a few dog hairs and not much else) rather than stained or anything ... but I DO need to wash it - and today would have been a good day because it is nice and sunny and windy ... but there is not a lot of today left (not the sunny part anyway) ... but ... I might wash it now anyway ... it should still get at least half dry outside in the wind, then I can bring it inside and put it somewhere to finish drying (which it will do with the central heating ;-) I just have to make sure I put it somewhere that the dog, or the cat, can't lie on it! LOL
anyway ... I had better go wash that quilt ... lol

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