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Monday, November 09, 2009

Peeling Paint ... etc.

After much thinking and wondering, and some Procrastinating (which I am very good at hence the fact that I am now finishing and posting this last weeks ABC Wednesday post more than a few days late!), and noticing that although I have a few unfinished Posts, saved as drafts, that would Probably be quite good P ones for ABC Wednesday, they already have titles that suit them way better, but don't have anything to do with P ... so I have spent the last few days Pondering about a few other Possibilities ... "Playing with bleach" was one of the things I was thinking of Possibly Posting for P ... but it already has a better title ... so I got to thinking ... it really is time I Posted about something else I have actually Produced, rather than just raving on about stuff ... I can use Crochet for a C post, and Quilts are always good for Q ... but what about P ... I have not done any Painting lately ... but ... then I remembered that I have been taking photos of Paint ... Peeling Paint ... on my friend's Laundry ceiling mostly!

... there is actually a flicker Pool for Photos of Peeling Paint ... Perhaps I should Put these Pictures there?

[photos of peeling paint ... preferably from a few different years, in chronological order?]

er yes that was about where I saved this post ready to come back later and Put the Photos in ... but I Procrastinated a bit ... so now this Post is a bit late Perhaps?

now ... where about on the 'Puter did I Put those Photos?

- all over the Place actually - there have been several different occaisions where I have ended up taking photos of that same lot of Peeling Paint!

The Problem is not so much where the photos are - they are in folders filed under the dates they were taken ... Problem is - when DID I take the Photos of Peeling Paint?! LOL

I found a Preying mantis and some Prickly Plants - which I have Probably Put on this blog already, some time in the Past. I also found a Photo of DHs ripped Pants - but I would not be Popular if I Put that here becuase he was still IN them!

... no, not in that folder - that was some Primary school Play the kids were in ...

hmmm ... here is one of Pixel (the other cat we used to have) on a Pink and green mystery quilt

- yes I chose pink and green fabrics to do a mystery quilt ... and I was actually Pretty Pleased with how it came out! - in fact it was Perfect!

er ... here is the "brag photo" I got someone to take - the finished quilt hanging in the quilt show, with me standing beside it ... I don't usually bother to do that any more (unless someone comes up and says they want to take the photo for me ;-)
this was taken [andrea looks at date on photos] ... eeek - 9 years ago ...

a Pink sunset:

I took that one from the top of some mountain - a Pile of us from the Land Rover Club went up there and had a Picnic tea together ... the we all drove back in the dark and I took a Pile of Photos of People, when someone got a Puncture and we had to stop while they changed the tyre ...

[a night and most of a day Passes - I was feeling a bit Peculiar, and it was getting rather late, so I went to bed (I felt really tired, which is unusual for me at that time of the night when I have had enough sleep the few days before, which I had done - think I was fighting off some cold/bug which I seem to have fought off ok because I feel fine today)]

ok ... back to Perusing folders of old Photos ...

I just found this Purrrrfectly cute Pottery Pussy Cat that DD made when she was quite little

(I think she made it at school or somewhere - it is clay, but it kind of never actually got fired in the kiln so it is probably rather fragile ... and one ear kind of fell off too ... but I still have that so I could probably stick it back on with a bit of "waterglass" and maybe get it fired sometime ...)

ok ... right Place ... but no Peeling Paint in this lot - however this photo shows some Peeling wall Paper!

... and 2 people doing Peculiar things! LOL ...

The house we used to rent, a couple of streets away from this person's place, also had Peeling wall Paper ... and both had been done without Putting any kind of Primer onto the Plasterboard/whatever that the walls were made of ... and both have/had bodgy/dodgy elecrical wiring and other DIY stuff done to them ... I wonder if the same idiot built both of them? ... or maybe there were just a lot of idiots building houses when that area of Canberra was built on ...

oh btw - I am not sure what Peculiar thing we were doing to Poor "Mungo" (the fabric creature in that Photo) ... I ended up taking quite a few Peculiar Photos at that Party, and someone else took a few more Peculiar Photos with my camera - I think were were Probably getting Particularly P... er ... tiddly - as one tends to do when Participating in the consumption of Port and/or other alcoholic beverages, at Parties ... and I think that one was a Particularly Pleasant Party too.
(and yes that is me in the Photo ... and the top of the head of the Person whose house we were at ;-)

ah ha ... found the Peeling Paint ones I was looking for ... back in 2001 (a month or 3 after the Party ones)

Does that laundry ceiling need re-painting?

no - why re-paint it - it looks too interesting - it takes years to make a "work of art" like that! LOL

... but it doesn't take long to make a "work of art" like this one:

(this was part of one of my photos of the Peeling Paint - but I fiddled around with the colours in a Photo editing Program ... one with a P title - Paint Shop Pro - lol)

I was starting to wonder if I had been imagining that I had a Pile of Peeling Paint Photos, except for the fact that I remembered creating that blue one ...

... but I had forgotten all about this one:

Particulary silly isn't it? - I think I did that to send to my Dad or someone - lol

ok ... I am sure I had some other Peeling Paint Photos ... but I don't know when I took those either ... and I really should Post this Post before it is time to do Q ... which it will be in a day or 2 - oops?

I suppose if I find some more Peeling Paint Photos while I am looking for Q ones (I might see if I can find a few Quilt photos ;-) then I can always do P.S. for this Post before I Post the Q one ...

Yes - I am a bit Peculiar ...

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