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Monday, November 23, 2009

Quilt Retreat ...

I was going to post about Quilts for the letter Q for Wednesday ABC ... but I kind of never got there ... in fact it is almost time for the letter S (I notice I have also just missed out on being in the linky list for R ... I Really should get myself more oganised - LOL)

But while thinking, the other day, about what I could post for the letter R I Realised I could cheat and post something about the Recent Quilt Retreat I went to.

It was the Canberra Quilters Annual retreat, and a great time was had by all ... and of course I took a whole pile of photos ... the first one was of some angels someone had made from some fringy stuff - I won't include that one because they are not my work, and I only took the photo so I would remember to have a go at making something similar (I have some of the same fringy stuff and the photo is all I need to remind me how she made them ;-)
The second photo I took was of some food, with my "block of the weekend" that I was sewing - the Retreat theme was "spots and stripes pyjama party" and the block was stripey and spotty stars ... and I just happened to notice that my slice of ... slice - lol ... that we had for supper just happened to have stripes on it!

stripey bit of slice next to a stripey star appliqued on some fabric

(hmmm all those S words - Should I make this my "s" post as well? ... tempting ... but I am hoping to maybe post about something I did at a place that the name starts with an S ... although I might Save that idea to use for the letter T because it also involves Textile art, and/or I might find/take some pictures of some of my stitching, and/or at least I should be able to throw together a few Sunset photos if I don't get organised enough to do one of the first 2 ideas ;-)

I also took some photos of people ... but I won't put them here because I didn't ask any of them if they minded being on my blog ... and some of them might mind - especally the pictures I took while we were all dressed up in our spotty/striped PJs (and/or silly slippers - lol)
Drats ... I should have handed someone my camera to get a photo of me - I dressed up as a banana in pyjamas - LOL
(then again ... my costume wasn't a very good likeness of either B1 or B2 so it might frighten any kids who saw that photo!)

The Quilt Retreat was out of town, in a place with lots of bush/trees and stuff ... so ...

I also took some photos of Rocks

patch of ground with pretty coloured rocks

and Rabbit poo!

a strangely pretty picture of a rocky patch of ground covered with rabbit droppings

... on some rocks - lol

and some 'Roos (Kangaroos)

Mum kangaroo and her Joey with sunset sky behind them

with Red clouds behind them ... I then went around the other side of the building and noticed the bright orange sunset, which then faded to a bright Red one:

wonderful red sunset

... and then it Quietly faded to grey ... lol

(by which time it was getting Quite dark ;-)

Quick - Run away - before I get too ... Silly ...

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