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Monday, June 21, 2010

a Very strange thing I made ages ago

... a Very odd title for a blog post too eh?

I was in the shower or somewhere, and my mind was wandering - trying to think of what I could post for V for ABC Wednesday ... when I remembered this ...

... several years ago (not sure how many - probably less than about 15, but definitely more than 10) I made this Very weird work of ?art

Yes ... it IS called "Violent Jam" ... it was some weird idea I came up with - weirdness is not just a recent thing with me - LOL

It is a jam jar, with a fabric cover and a ribbon, just like when one buys jars of jam at markets/etc ... but I figured a black cover and red ribbon suited the Variety of jam better than pretty floral or checked fabric or whatever one usually sees on jars of jam. As for the contents - .22 bullet "shells" (spent casings from .22 bullets) and broken glass (probably from some car windscreen) and ... doesn't show up very well in the photo but there is also a bit of cord tied into a hangman's noose ... I think I did that because I was going to include a bit of barbed wire but I didn't have any at the time. I do now - oddly enough I just picked up a few feet of it from a junk pile that used to be a fence where I was walking the dog last night! - maybe I should cut a couple of short bits and add them to the jar?
I guess posting a photo of a jam jar full of insane Violence is kind of apt for today ... seeing I heard on the news that we have lost another 3 Aussie soldiers in a war on the other side of the world ... why can't people all just get along with each other and leave each other be? (I guess if I knew an answer to that - I would be rich ... and/or famous ... and I would probably be too busy travelling the world to actually get around to blogging about letters of the alphabet ...

Also - while I was uploading photos (to include the one here, I first had to TAKE it ... lol) DD came in and showed me this Very interesting Video on you tube -
... I usually don't put links like that on my blog because they tend to Vanish and leave my blog full of dead links ... but Video does start with a V, and hardly anyone reads it anyway so why should I worry?
It is actualy Very good, and Very interesting ... a group of people performing "Flight of the Bumblebee" using only their Voices!

and while there ... I found a link to this Very good a capella Version of Bohemian Rhapsody - yes - also done with only their Voices -

You lot are probably glad I don't have my singing Voice on this blog ... if I ever sing within earshot of anyone else - I get told things like if I ever become a singer - make sure it is a sewing machine! (in other words - "don't give up your day job" )

anyway ... I really should be off being Very busy sewing or something ... and I probably should post this before the linky thing closes - seeing it is Very late ... Virtually almost time for the next letter (which I may or may not get time to post ... if not - feel free to count the several random W's in this post as my W one too - I know there are quite a few W words in here ... Which is probably not that Weird When one thinks about it ...)

btw ... I bet you are glad I didn't decide to post about Vermiculture or Veins (somewhere I have some nice gooey photos of things being disected in science classes - lots of Veins in those ... also some Viscera (guts and stuff), no doubt ... that is if I actually took photos of the fish when the did those ... )

V is also for Vegetables ... wonder what ones of those I can find in the fridge ... I have not had tea yet and I am getting Very hungry ;-)


  1. Thanks so much for contrubuting - yes I know the feeling well, in the shower thinking what can I post for ABC Wednesday! lol!

  2. hmmm ... all that spam ... actually it kind of makes me feel a bit hungry! LOL
    (if one of those I deleted was your comment and it wasn't spam - feel free to leave another comment - but it might be a point to actually say something that has at least some relationship to my blog post or one of the comments ... or something that at least makes some kind of sense ... or something ... LOL)


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