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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zzzzz here, Zzzzz there ... where will I ZZZZZ tonight?

Actually ... I do know where I will be going Zzzz (except I don't snore ... even if DH does say I do - I have never heard myself snore so I guess I don't - lol) Tonight I will be sleeping here in this hotel ... the one that has free wireless internet ;-)  which I am connected to with DH's laptop ... which I am not used to typing on, but which has been very handy to have - DH has a mobile phone which will work as a modem, so he has used it/this laptop to book all of our hotels/etc the day or so before we have arrived places - his phone plan includes a small amount of internet/whatever, and he purchased a bit extra for this month, but it is probably not enough for me to spend ages and ages blogging etc ... so I decided to only do that if we have free internet anywhere ... which we do here/now (we were given a password to log on to their wirelss network, rather than using DHs phone) - so here I am now - lol

So where is here? and why are DH and I in some hotel? ... because we are on holiday down here in Tasmania (currently in a town called Somerset, which is right next to Burnie, which is on the coast along the top bit of Tasmania)... we came down here (to Tassie) for the 2 weeks I don't have to be at work (the school holidays ... back home that is - they only have 3 terms a year down here so it isn't holidays here at the moment) ... and ... we left the kids home :-)  ... well - someone had to look after the dog!

... but it is getting late at night (DH had his turn first, then I spent too long reading a few blogs/etc) and I want to stick the camera memory card in here and include a photo or 2 ... and we are here in the same place (Somerset, near Burnie) tomorrow night ... so ... time to hit the sack ...

... ok ... now it is the next night and it is probably about as late as it was when I stopped at the end of the previous paragraph - that sort of thing happens when we decide to find a nearby cinema and go see a movie and then come back to the hotel room and have cheese and biscuits for tea ... but I didn't want to post this until tonight anyway - because now the ABC Wednesday Z post is up there ready for me to add my link ... so I guess that if I am going to make this my Z post for that, then I should find a Z photo to put in here - which is why chose the particular memory card that I have put in the slot this laptop has ... it was the one I had in the camera yesterday, when we drove through the town of Zeehan ... pity I didn't actually TAKE any photos there! LOL 
... but ... this is one I took before we got there, and I think that mountain in the distance is Mount Zeehan (which the town of Zeehan is to the North of)  ...

... it probably isn't a great photo, and I am not going to worry about trying to find/use any photo editing software on here to try and make it look better because I kind of need some sleep too (DH is already snoring in bed on the other side of the room) ... but it does have sky and trees and a mountain - which I have seen lots of down here (mind you there are lots of the same home in Canberra too - but these ones are different ;-)

btw - I didn't get around to doing a W post, or X or Y ... life kind of got busy - the last 2 weeks of the school term and getting organised to come on holidays (I had stuff to pack, and stuff that had to be done before we left) ... then last week I wasn't home and didn't have free Internet in a hotel room - lol

hmmmm - I seem to have taken a lot of photos of trees ...

and a lot of photos of beaches :-)

... and a lot of photos of things ON beaches - LOL

... even my feet!

- those are my rather cold toes after I took my shoes and socks off and paddled in the freezing cold water ... and went walking onto the even colder rocks at the end of the beach ... unfortunately it is way too cold to go swimming - in fact down here most people find it too cold to swim in the sea in the middle of Summer, let alone in the middle of Winter (which it is down here on the bottom half of the planet ...

Anyway ... it is now after Midnight ... and I still need to have a shower ... and wash out some socks and undies so I don't run out of them the day before we get home ... which is getting way too close ... I don't want the holiday to end ... although it will be nice to see the dog and the cat again (oh ... and the kids I guess - lol)  ... the dog has missed us since we have been gone ... DS said he spent the first 2 or 3 nights looking for us and whining at the bedroom door (which was open - but his people were not in there in bed) ... and the cat probably misses us too, but just doesn't let on because that would be too uncool - lol

oh hang it all ... while I am here (and the photo uploading seems to have been working so well) ... I am probably going to be rather busy for a week or 2 when I get back home ... so ... in case I miss doing an A post (or any post in the next week or 5) ... here is a photo of Port Arthur ...

... and a photo of a Blowhole

... hopefully that lot will do for now ... DH woke up and asked how much longer I was going to be (I said about 5 minutes ... about 10 minutes ago - oops? LOL) ... the light is bothering him ... and we both need sleep ... so ...

Goodnight ...

(and too bad if there are any typos still left in here because I am not proof reading this again ... lol)


  1. It sounds, in all cases that you have a nice vacation in Tasmania! And snoring is also allowed in hotels, LOL.
    Beautiful pictures.....

    Annelie E, ABC Wednesday Team

  2. What a delightful trip - the photos are wonderful and your narrative makes a fine read!

  3. Well, that was a wonderful bunch of photos! That first one of Mt Zeehan is fine just as it is - looks good to me, anyway, though I do love the beach shots as well. :)

    On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday, Round 6! I guess I don't need to ask if you'll stick around for Round 7, which begins next week! ;)

  4. What a delightful post. What a view it must be from the top of Mount Zeehan!

  5. Hope you got all the zzzzzzzzzz's you needed and thank you for taking us to Tasmania with you!

  6. I always liked blowholes; saw on in Baja California in '88.

    Nice feet.

    loved the chaos of your post; it's so...real.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Thank you so much for contributing to ABC Wednesday
    Hope to see you for Round 7?????
    ABC Team

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  10. wow ... I arrived home yesterday, and came in here today and found a whole pile of nice comments on my blog (and one or 2 weird smam ones that I deleted - lol) ... thanks for all the nice compliments about my post!
    oh ... and re what Gayle said about the view from the top of that mountain ... if I had been on top to see it then I would have had photos ... probably lots of photos - lol ... of that view! but ... I didn't go up there ... in fact I am not sure if there is even a way to get there ... except maybe to climb the thing on foot ... and I didn't have the time (or the required equipment/supplies/whatever) to do something like that! LOL
    ... but ... now that I am home ... I feel like I need another 2 weeks off to catch up with myself/do the things i ddin't get done while I was away ... but unfortunately I have to go back to work in the morning ... sigh ...

  11. Oh, I do feel that sigh of "oh no, work tomorrow!" May it be less difficult than you imagine!


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