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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Again, with the B#%&%^&&^ Alphabet Blogging?!

Ah ... But ABC Wednesday is such fun ... even if I do tend to miss more letters than not lately ... sigh
... in fact it seems I will end up making this a combined A and B post, because I seem to have missed the cut off for Adding myslef (or myself for that matter ;-) to the link list ... Again ...
(I would like a dollar for every time I have made that particular typo!)

So ... what Amazing ... or Boring ... thing(s) shall I Blog About?

Almost Anything would do I guess - something is Better than nothing? ... or not?

I had this post nicely Arranged in my head last night, while walking the dog ... but now I can't remember what I was going to Blog About - LOL

I probably have a few A and B photos from the holiday to Tasmania ... but those photos are not on the computer yet (the few I posted, in my Z post, while still on the trip were uploaded directly from the memory card - which DH's laptop has a slot for - and are still only on the memory cards ... either the couple I filled up, or the one still in the camera)

Maybe I had better stick with A first, then some B stuff?

I could be silly And blog about Avocados or Antelopes or even Avagardo's number ... but if you are really interested in those I guess you can "google" them yourself  :-)

Actually way back when I was at uni (Almost Ancient history) a group of students declared that some particular date (in about March or April) was to be known as Antelope day ... and put up posters to that effect ... and then did nothing ... until the next year, when they decided that it would be a good excuse for a huge student party ... with a contest for who could make/wear the best Antlers (which I won ;-)  ... and the prize was a pink stuffed crochet Antelope (actually it was a horse, which used to belong to one of the organisers little sister, with sticks stuck in its head to look like antlers ... the sticks fell out but I still have that pink crochet "Antelope" ... somewhere - lol)

I could post pictures of the Art quilts I just finished ... but I didn't get around to taking a photo of them yet ... And now I won't be Able to do that until I go to the quilt show where they will be hanging up for All to see ...
(because I only finished them At the last minute and had to go and deliver them ... Almost too late - lol)

What I should do is mention an Amazing Alice in Wonderland crazy quilt block that I found on someone's blog the other night - if I can remember where I found it - lol
Ah ha ... I saw an Article About it on the DMC blog (At ... will they send me some free thread if I put in a good word/tell you All about it? ... a roll, or 5, of perle 8 in black would be handy ... I just used up what is probably my last 2 rolls of the stuff when I was making those Art quilts! ) ... Anyway ... there was a link to her blog - ... is where you can read All About how she made it ... And drool over All the pictures ...

But ... what do I post About for B?

I am sure I could think of all sorts of Bizzare things if I have to
But - Bother ... it has got a Bit late ...

I guess I could see if I can quickly do what I was going to do, but didn't get around to doing, last time we were up to the letter B (or was it the time Before?!) and that is to list all of my other Blogs ... the ones I post to even less often than this one - LOL
(and I was going put all the links to them in the side Bar while I was At it ... But I don't think I will Bother with that right now) At least I do have a list of them all when I am logged in to Blogger (they Appear on my "dashboard" ... and I think they all show up in my profile if Anyone had really wanted to find them)

Anyway ...

These are my (Boring?) blogs ... well ... the Blogger ones Anyway.
(I have created Blogs on some other sites, but I hardly ever even log in, let alone post anything to them ... mostly they were just so I could test them out to see what they looked like/how well they worked/etc ... but I like Blogger best so here I am ... on good old google - lol)

First ... (well ... I think it was the first one I created on Blogger anyway) there is this one ... but you know about that because you are here reading it (although I guess you might not be - someone may have subscribed to it then forwarded it on to you or something - lol)

Also I have ...

Spot, The Blog ... which I created because I had the weird idea that I might be able to have a blogspot blog called spotblog ... (that name/url was already taken but this one wasn't)  ... this blog actually belongs to the dog and cat ... and I sometimes post dog/cat/animal related things here (like my A post last time Around the Alphabet - it was All About A nice long walk) - I actually had this URL saved as a link way back before it was mine ... because there used to be something else there ... but I can't remember what ... I just remember finding the URL in whatever e-mail/etc I had it saved in and going there to see why I had saved it and finding that it was free/vacant - so I snaffled it while I could - LOL ... I used to have some other website with this name ... I have the same plan for this blog as I had for that ... but still have not got around to actually doing it! ... the idea was (and still is) to use it for my poetry ... and a few other odd things I have written ... and the name might actually (sort of) make more sense once I actually put said stuff on the blog ... ... I actually created this one on google when blogger was being taken over by them and we could choose to stay with our blogger account or move to a google one ... so I stayed on blogger and created one on google to test it out ... it worked fine ... which was a good thing because we then HAD to move to using a google account if we wanted to actually edit/post/etc - lol ... so I named this one "Testing, testing ...1 ... 2 ... 3" and kept using it for that - testing stuff to see if it works (rather than testing it on, and stuffing up, this blog) or as a place to put stuff ... or whatever ... so the odd post does appear on there once in a while ... ... not sure why I created this one ... unless this was the google one and the testing one was one I created just for testing stuff ... yes I think that might be the case now I think about it ... lol  ... anyway - I decided to name it "Huh?" and use it to post a collection of weird stuff I find that makes me think "huh?" ... (go there and you will see what I mean) ... I have a few more things to put there sometime ... when I remember to actually take photos of said items ... (like the catalogue from a big hardware store, with a page full of ladders and stuff, and the words "Back to School Sale" on there ... yes - every student just has to have a step ladder ... or a drill or whatever else was on that page ... lol)

and ...  ... which is also an un-finished (un-started Actually - lol) project - it is meant to be a Blog Belonging to a creature who I made (out of fabric/etc) ... his name is Mungo (for some odd reason I decided to try and find a Celtic name for him, and I found that Mungo is a Celtic name ... it is also the name of a rather interesting Lake in a rather interesting National Park that I have been to a couple of times ... and I think it meant something that I liked too (but right now I can't remember what that was - lol)

Anyway ... Being as late as it now is - 'tis Best that I go Away and do the Bit of sewing that I was meant to do this evening (in fact last night would have Been Better - I need to sew a hanging sleeve on a quilt that I need to post to someone so it arrives by this weekend ... which means I really ought to post it tomorrow ... although Thursday might be ok, seeing it only has to go to a post office box in this city) ...

hmmm ... this post looks Awfully Bare without any photos/etc ...

[Andrea has a quick dig around in her photos]

Ahhrrghh ... this is probably really Bad ... but ... why not? - this was something I drew up (very roughly, using some drawing program and the mouse - Because we didn't have a scanner yet - if we had, then I would have drawn a Better version of this and scanned it!) ... I did it several (or more) years ago, after some people on a quilting yahoogroup I am on were talking (too much?) about those Sunbonnet Sue quilts ... so I decided to come up with my own version instead - so here we have ...

... "Awful Andrea" LOL

this is a very Bad drawing

(yes - it IS kind of modelled on myself! ... or what I was like as a kid ... not that I have ever totally grown up - lol)

And ... just to finish off - I found a good excuse to post yet another silly cat photo ... and the file name I gave the image (which actually does describe it quite well) covers the letters A and B ... and C (in case I don't post next week? ... or maybe just leading in to the next letter?)

A Bundle of Cat

yes there IS a Cat under that Black and Blue scarf ... she seemed quite happy to be tucked up nice and warm - lol  ... and no I didn't make that quilt - Mum made it ... and gave it to me when we were talking about what sort of quilt she could make for me and I said I liked that one - lol (her and Dad were actually travelling in their campervan at the time, and Mum had been sleeping under it ... so for the rest of their trip Mum slept under the quilt that she was still quilting - LOL) It is made from all sorts of scraps Mum had (which is what I like about it) ... some of them are bits that I have some of too (we both got them from the same person - lol) ... and it has been well used ... and getting a bit worn - it even developed a hole (where the fabric frayed on one of the seams) just near that green "windmill" to the right of the cat - so I sewed that blue heart over the hole ...

hmmm ... had I more spare time, I could have Blogged about my Background picture/etc ... maybe even made a better/diferent one and put that on here ... I suppose my C post Could be about Changing my background? LOL
Anyway (Again with that same word?! - lol) it is now after Bed time ... and I still have a load of washing to hang out, a hem to sew on the bit of fabric that is the hanging sleeve I need to sew on the quilt that I am meant to be posting tomorrow, and a shower to have ... and - I didn't have much tea and I think I am still a bit hungry ... and I am also thirsty ... so maybe I should just have a glass of milk ... or maybe a hot chocolate (if we have any cocoa/drinking chocolate/anything I can use to turn cold milk into hot chocolate yumminess)

Btw ... (oooh - another B thing - btw - lol)

... I am not sure if it is a glitch or not ... but I like it - the way that when I preveiw a blog post ... in the bit for "links to this post" I seem to get All the links to All of my posts ... not that there are many, but there are a few - and some of them are quite interesting - both to see the odd places that those links appear, and to have a look around on those blogs/etc that my link has been posted on ... like this one -  ... it took me a while to FIND my link ... turns out it was to this post, which I had totally forgotten about posting - ... I guess if I am going to make an interesting quilt that looks like a map - then it might get mentioned on a blog that belongs to an artist who seems to be into maps - LOL

hmmmm ... seeing it is rather late ... (and my Mum and Dad now have broadband internet, and I told Mum she could read my blog now ... although I am not sure she will - but if she does she will probably comment or e-mail me to say I should not stay up so late - LOL)  ... it is Absoloutely time I went to Bed ... (well - after I go and do those other few things I still have to do ... sigh)

but first ... lol

Brrrr ... the heating has turned off for the night too ... and now I am getting cold ... and it is even colder out under the pergola where I have to go hang up that load of washing ... oh well ... I guess I will warm up in the shower ... one reason I like to shower last thing before bed - I can go to bed feeling warm, rather than having to crawl into bed feeling cold (in which case I tend to toss and turn all night and never really warm up).
And ... I really need to stop typing stuff in here and post this - it is getting too hard to keep typing around the cat ... who keeps walking around over my hands, sniffing my fingers, sitting on the mouse, etc ... and generally causing typos and then sitting in front of whatever bits of the keyboard I need to get to to fix them!

goodnight ...


  1. Another fun night! Good A&B - now shall I just remember that you blogged C(cat)early? ;)

  2. blogging about blogging!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. You got there in the end - that's what blogging is all about!
    Good to have you aboard!

    ABC Team

  4. O.K I admit to being quirky—I loved the meandering about and basically touching base every once in awhile. Why should we all be tethered to a particular way? This was fun.

    When you get the chance I'd enjoy seeing a photo of your art quilt.


    ABC Wednesday team


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