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Sunday, December 05, 2010

"... I am a teapot, I am a teapot ..."

Actually, this isn't a post about Teapots ... but it will do for my ABC Wednesday letter T post, which I am almost Too late for ... I was Thinking about posting something else (about Torrential rain, among other Things) but The I found This (the mostly written post that is below this bit I am typing in pink)... and figured if I quickly add this bit and Throw it up There - Then it will be done ... and the other stuff I want to post about can be posted for my U Thing ... (Unless I just do that as an ordinary post and Use something else for U).

So ... here is a Totally strange example of how Time and I just don't seem to get on Together ... That, or it is just another example of a Terrible blog post ...

I have had this post saved as a draft since January ... but there was nothing In it until about September [when I wrote some of it] ... and I can't remember what the heck I was originally going to post about ... but It will do for a title for an ABC Wednesday post for the letter I ... which Is the letter we are WERE up to a few weeks ago ... although I am still wondering where the last several weeks have gone - last time I had time to post an ABC Wednesday post [the last time before I wrote this bit] we were only up to the letter C ... and I didn't have time to post what I really wanted to post about anyway (it involved too much time fiddling around with photos - some of which I had not even taken yet, let alone put onto the computer - lol). I did type some of an F post ... but I never Found time to Finish it ... (pity - I now have about 3 ideas for stuff I can post about for the letter F and I keep missing it!)

Anyway ... I had better get on to what this post is meant to be about - seeing it is something that actually does fit the title!

The main thing that has HAD been keeping me busy for the last few weeks, is WAS finishing all the weird stuff I was making for the ACT Textile Arts Association's "Garden Tea Party" exhibition - which is what fits in with the teapot title ... that and the fact that I think that once people have seen some of the weird stuff I have made, I will have now proved to all and sundry that I am totally and utterly insane ... I must be - at the moment it is 4am ... and a few days before the exibition ... I came in here to send an e-mail and check if I had any e-mail I needed to know about/do something about - after having stayed up way too late finishing off a few things for the exhibition, because I have to deliver them tomorrow, in my lunch break ... yes I am still up after 4am and I have to go to work in the morning!!!   ... for some odd reason (maybe because I am too tired to realise that "just having a look to see what letter we are up to" was probably NOT a good thing to do right now?) I ended up looking at what the last thing I posted was, and what posts I had saved as drafts, and hunting for one that might fit the next letter we are up to ... which at the moment will be I ... now lets see IF I actually get around to posting this in the next few days before it is too late for It to be my I post ... lol

nope, I didn't - LOL

[Andrea goes and sleeps and comes back to this a day WEEK or 5 later]

I totally forgot I had started writing this, and started another post, and then changed the name of it and finished it, and posted it just In time to sneak in for the letter I ... but ... It was about the Garden Tea Party exhibition ;-)
I also did a J post, then got busy/went away and totally missed K, but I snuck in a Late L post Last night ... and I found this while I was looking to see if I had already started a post I could/should use for N, Next week (I didn't need an M idea - I have already started doing a new M post last night - we will be up to that letter tomorrow) ...

I Notice that this one is Not an N post ... Or an O post or even a P Post ... but can/will I remember about it when it it Time for the letter T?!

Or should I cheat and schedule it to post itself when it is The right Time?
(Trouble with That is - I still have to remember To go and add the link To the linky Thingy ... so There is probably no point in even Trying to do that sort of Thing)

hmmm I Think I actually AM posting this when I said I would - at "T Time" ... but probably not the same T Time I was Talking about ... I Think I missed it That Time and now it is the next Time around ... (seeing That Two alphabets usually fit into a year and I started this in January and it is now December).

I probably should Throw in a couple of photos ... must be something T related That I can quickly find in my photos ...

How about a Tree?

... with pretty marks where The rain has been Trickling down the Trunk.

And - a "secret santa" present, wrapped in "Tin foil"

(Actually aluminium foil, but that doesn't start with a T)

anyway ... Time to go ...

beofre I get Totally silly ;-)

(but first, I should add the Tags That I almost forgot to add)

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  1. wednesday, we had TERRIBLE TORRENT of rain, plus wind, in Albany, NY. Localized flooding.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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