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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I just won something!

... when I was least expecting it - LOL

no - not the lottery/lots of money or a car/house/etc  (I wish) ... seems I have won a "Zentangle" drawing ...

... oddly enough ... I was not trying to win this one (I didn't even know it was up for grabs) - I was trying to win a different one - this one ... and in the process of doing what had to be done to enter that, I had to become a follower of her blog (which I wanted to do anyway ;-) 
So I dived over there, and hit the "follow" button ... and went and walked the dog ... and came back to find a comment on Facebook to say that I was her 100th follower and had therefore won a Zentangle, just for being her 100th follower!

a what?

a Zentangle ... a kind of drawing/doodle thingy ... her blog explains it ... they seem to be the latest craze ... well actually they have been around for a while now I think ... oddly enough - the "doodles" I have been doing on and off ever since I remember (at least back in High School) look a bit similar ... seems I had already invented my own version? LOL

I should do some more doodles/drawings sometime ... actually ... I have done a couple recently (I kind of got inspired after seeing Zentangles on peoples blogs ;-)
... but I have not taken photos of them or scanned them yet.

hmmm ... I have not had a giveaway on my blog yet ... kind of missed/never got around to it at 100 posts ... and missed 200 and 250 ... maybe when I get to 300?  or maybe I should work out when I started blogging (er ... just looked at the date on my first post - oops - missed the 5 year aniversary too - lol)  ... and if I did have a giveaway - I am not sure what to give ... I might have to make something ... won't be anything huge or expensive though ... unless people start paying me 1000's of dollars for stuff I make or something ... which is about as likely as me finding out I really did have a rich cousin of a great uncle or somesuch, who I didn't know about, who has decided to leave his money to me, rather than anyone who is more closely related to him ...

pity I still have not got around to checking the crochet granny square patterns I used to have on my Geocities page (I know that some of them had a mistake or 5 in them) - I could put them up as a Celebration that I have been blogging for 5 years and 1 1/2 months ... gee ... it is THAT long?! LOL
(and - yes - feel free to ROTFLOL @ the fact that I have only posted about 260 posts ... plus a dozen or so on my other blogger blogs, and 4 or 5 on a few other blogging sites I tested out here and there).

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