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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Test photo

I took this photo the weekend before last - from the back of the ferry to Tasmania ... I think we were possibly still in Port Phillip Bay at the time, may have been just outside in Bass Strait already (either way, this was BEFORE it got really rough)
I would have to work out what time I took the photo to be sure, where we were and I am not doing that right now ... Too busy working out how to get photos from the iPad to my blog ... Well I have sort of worked that out (if this has worked and there IS a photo at the top of this post) ... One way anyway ... Involves emailing them one at a time from the "photos" app (I could then copy and paste the HTML links for them all in to one post, but copy and paste is not easy to do on an iPad and doesn't seem to work between one browser window and another anyway ... I guess the iPad is not the best thing for blogging on, but it has been great fun using it to "Facebook" my food - LOL
(yes - been eating lots of interesting yummy things down here, and DH started taking iPhone photos and sending them to a mate and to our son, who is home minding the dog/cat/house, so they could be jealous ... So I decided to start taking the iPad in to wherever we were dining and posting yummy food photos to my FB)

I have actually taken lots of photos, but most of them with the camera ... So I might just wait until I am home, and have them on the computer to do stuff with them, but I guess I could email some of the ones I took with the iPad and then use DH's laptop to log in and move them all into one blog post ... If I get around to that ... it is getting lateish, and I am not sure if the next hotel will have free wifi (this one does - that is why I am messing around with stuff like this instead of doing my sewing - lol

Hmmmm I had better stop waffling and post this ... And wait for the "() police" to come and lock me up for mis using ('s and )'s. ( or using ( without matching )'s lol)

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