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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zigging and zagging all over the place?

Zoinks! - are we up to Z again already?

(Actually I think we have passed z a couple more times since I wrote this ... Just found it in my pile of half written drafts - was digging around in there because I am not at home on the computer, where all my photos live, but figured I should post something for the letter z ... So - as they say in the cooking shows -"here is one I prepared earlier" which means u get whatever links I had added, but not the photos I had planned to take ... And if the post looks all screwy that is because I am using an iPad and it doesn't quite do things the same as the computer and some things it doesn't do at all ... Like letting me use the nifty Wysiwyg "compose" mode to edit my blog Using pretty colours and stuff (and for some reason it won't scroll down in this editor window - so I had to look at a preview of th post to see what was in it - LOL)

- yes the ABC Wednesday crowd are doing the letter Z this week.

I wonder what z things I didn't already blog about last time? (yes this is the 4th time it is going around, but I only joined in at the end of the 3rd one ... and then went away/got busy/etc and missed a big chunk in the middle - lol)

Z is for zig zag

... which is what I seem to do when I am blogging about stuf, and also what my life seems to do - lol

... it is also a very useful stitch on my sewing machine ... good for finishing off edges and stuff, and for doing fun things like this ... I only just fell over that page today (not sure how - think I followed a link from somewhere else), but I have already done that before - I made a fabric bowl at a sewing day a group of us had a few years ago, and I have even posted a photo of it on this blog ... not sure where though!

I probably didn't post about Z notation because I probably didn't even know it existed ... I still know nothing about it - just found it when I did a google search - so if you want to know about it you will have to click on that link and read abour it on wikipaedia - lol

Maybe looking for z words on google/in the dictionary is not a good idea?

I probably have a pile of photos of z things ...

I could take a photo of my collection of zips

no - I don't actually collect them like stamps or something (although one could be forgiven for thinking that - lol) - I just happen to have collected a few piles of them that people were getting rid of, at places like quilt meetings, craft groups, garage sales, etc ... I have used a few of them on things, and will probably use a few more ... zips come in handy for making bags and stuff ... lol

I have also seen a few interesting bags and things made with zips, and not much else (DD even has a pencil case made entirely of zips - they seem to be the in thing to have at the moment among the teenage crowd)

hmmmm ... maybe I should have a go at making a vest or something out of all those light brownish zips?


  1. sewing is what I think of re zigzag. well, that, wodworking, and evasion.


  2. Sewing machine - yes I know I should use mine more often! Do you give lessons? lol!


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