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Sunday, February 11, 2007

EYE have still been stitching

This week's stitch, for the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) challenge (on Sharon's blog ) is Algerian Eye stitch and/or Eyelet Stitch ... so ...

... I grabbed the first bit of felt I found, that still had some room on it, and had a play - so now I have a whole bunch of eyelet thingys next to my Borg cube:

... I also added an eyelet thingy, with a detatched chain attatched to it, and a row of dots to my Borg cube (it wasn't originally intended to be a Borg cube, but I keep calling it that because it reminds me of one ... "I am Loquiltus of Borg, prepare to have your stash assimilated" ?)

I also did another odd Cretan stitch thingy, on another bit of white felt, the other day:

It turns into something more like fly stitch at one end, and an eyelet at the other end (and I think I actually did that before Sharon posted it as this week's stitch! ;-) I hate the fact that I have to keep turning it around as I work it, but for some odd reason I seem to keep doing bits of Cretan stitch because I like it when I end up with things like this!

On the other end of the felt (which is actually a really odd shaped left over bit, so I will probably cut it into 2 rectangles when/if I actually join these up and make a wallhanging/quilt or something) I did a couple of black Eyes with dotted lines to make it look like they are drifting in the breeze (like those thistle seeds do ;-) and then I had a fiddle and did some more stitching underneath them ...

First was the row of black blanket stitch on the bottom, then a row of black Cretan stitch (with half an eylet at each end ;-) and then I did 2 rows of yellow blanket stitch (back to back).

I also started fiddling around making something with a bit of brown felt:

The bit of red/yellow/black ribbon was actually an old half rotten bit that I found on the ground while walking the dog a few days ago! It caught my eye because it looked interesting ... it actually has a design that looks like little bones embroidered on it! ... so I picked it up, took it home, dunked it in some water and then dipped it into the washing powder and gave it a bit of a rub and then zipped it into the pocket of something that I was putting in the load of washing I was doing ... and then "found" it again when I next wore the pants that had that zip up pocket that the ribbon had been washed in. (I do that a lot - it is a very easy way to wash little bits of stuff that I find/pick up off the sewing room floor/rescue from the dog/whatever ;-)

I have actually done quite a bit more on that bit of brown felt since I took this photo, but I have not taken another photo yet ... but I know what I am going to use it for now - it is going to be a small bag, with a polar fleece lining (because I decided that I could make it fit the rules for a challenge where the item has to be (or have something to do with) some kind of container, and include the colour orange, polar fleece, stripes, and a "found object" ... I hope we are allowed to make more than one item - I already have a couple of other ideas for that challenge too! (what I might not be able to find is enough time to actually MAKE them ... sigh)

I also still have some other stuff to post here sometime, but my posting will not be as prolific as it was in January, because I am back at work/kids are back at school/things have gone back to being a bit more busy and I probably won't have time to be in here all night very often ... LOL
btw ... talking about things I have not had time to post stuff about yet - guess where I went last weekend?

and guess where I would rather be instead of having to be at work every day ... ;-)


  1. difficult to pick a favorite, but i think #3 won.

    neki desu

  2. Great samples! I love stitching on felt too. :-)


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