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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mum made this ...

She started it in 1978 (it was her first quilt too!)
and she thought it would take her forever ...
but I conveniently came down with glandular fever at the start of 1979, and
spent 3 weeks in hospital - so she got half the hexagons done while she was
in there visiting me!
I think she finished it later in that same year - I guess that once she had half of it done so fast, it was an incentive to keep working on it and finish it as soon as possible ;-)
It was made from all sorts of dressmaking/etc scraps she scrounged from
anyone and anywhere - so there was 70s fabric and 60s fabric and who knows
what else ... it isn't actually quilted - the magazine article she got the
idea from didn't mention that - so she just put a calico backing on it.

and the best part? - she made it for ME
(and yes - of course I still have it!)

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  1. Oh wow, that brings back memories. My mum made a hexagon quilt at the same sort of time out of dressmaking scraps etc.


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