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Saturday, April 05, 2008

A dark turquoise restaurant?

Scatterday this week was the letter A, and the categories were restaurant, something you find in the dark and turquoise ... and although I do have a rather large collection of my own junk, and access to an even bigger collection of odd stuff at work, I do NOT happen to have a "dark turquoise restaurant in my back shed" - even though MW thinks I do!

hmmmm ... Restaurant ... I have not been to one for a week or 3 ... although I think the last one I went to was an "All you can eat" one - does that count? There are probably are plenty of them with an A in their name (I know of a couple in the area, and there could even be an Auntie someone's kitchen or whatever - lol) but taking a photo of the name on the window/door of some restaurant is a bit boring anyway ... so I didn't bother to go hunting around and do it - lol

I thought about a photo of something one typically finds or eats in a restaurant, but I don't have any Antipasto or Artichokes or Asparagus handy ...

maybe a google search?

I don't think I want to eat at one of these! -

but this place in Astipalea (a Greek Island) would be a rather nice place to eat out -

... and - a bonus - it even has Turquoise paint on the gate/fence beside it, and the lights are on so it is probably still open when it is dark.

Actually ... one of the best places I have eaten (and probably the only one I have a photo of that starts with an A) is "At the side of the road" LOL

I think this one was Afternoon tea ... on a Land Rover Club trip back in 1999 - what more could one want - good company, good scenery, and good food (if there is any left in the fridge - yes we have a fridge in the back of the 4WD - way easier than using an esky)

This one was when we stopped for lunch - but it was a bit cold!

This was in June 2000 - up in the hills near here - and we were not expecting to be eating our lunch in a blizzard!

(I have never seen this much snow before or since - it was an amazing day!)

... it even snowed ON my lunch!

and I discovered that if you leave nice crusty bread rolls in the snow while you take a photo of the snow on them, and then eat them - they go SOGGY ... aaaahhhhrrggghhh! (I don't like soggy rolls much, but I guess it was worth it for the photo ;-)

"At the beach" is also a great place to eat, but I don't think I have a photo of that ...

(hmmm - sounds like a good excuse to go to the beach - pity it is so far away from here)

Something you find in the dark is easy ... I am not sure that many people would want to find these in the dark - but here is one anyway:

an Arachnid! (arachnid is the fancy scientific name for spiders, and scorpions, and a few other related 8 legged creepy crawly things - see ) ... actually a lot of spiders (and other arachnids) are nocturnal (come out at night).

strangely enough - I think it actually WAS dark when I took that photo - LOL (it was on the wall of the hut that a group of us were camping in for the weekend, a few weeks ago - luckily we all like spiders so this one got photographed and then left to do it's own thing)

hmmm Turquoise ... is Aqua close enough? (most people can't tell the difference ;-)

I don't think I have any bits of the mineral Turquoise (and it doesn't start with A anyway) so maybe another google search?

I don't know anyone who has a pet Turquoise-fronted Amazon (a type of parrot).

Maybe I should write in turquoise?
or maybe not ... lol

How about some Azure and Turquoise sky?

This was taken on a recent 4WD trip, a day trip in what used to be the local forest until the fires in 2003 burnt it (that is why there are black dead sticks there - but as you can see, a lot of stuff is growing back now)

or maybe some Turquoise Attire?

it's a sarong I bought at the op shop - because I love the colour and I love the fish/etc design - and I am glad DD didn't want to wear it (it is kid size - too small for me) because I want to use it to make a bag or something.

maybe a Turquoise (and blue and purple and green) "party Animal"?

I am not sure what kind of Animal he is (I made him a few years ago) but he seems to be enjoying himself at the party! (btw - the wall behind him is actually where that spider was)

Will that do?
did I pass?

or do I get an F for fail or an E for "more effort required" ?

... or do I get totally surprised and get an A+?

btw - this isn't one of the catagories but I had to include it anyway, just because I found it in a folder of old pictures -

some (digital) Art?:

This was one of the weird things I did when I first started playing around with some of the fun image editing software on the computer ... back when we had only just recently purchased our first digital camera ... the photo I used to do this to was actually the first one in this blog post.

(and I still love the colours in it ;-)

I remember that all I had to do whas choose something out of a menu and maybe select a couple of options for how curly it came out or something ... I don't think the newer version of that program still has this effect (which is a pity - I liked it, and the nearest thing I could find in there just now was not as good)

btw ... next week we have the letter K and Something You Like The Smell Of, Hobby and Office Things ...

... that doesn't sound too easy either!

(especially since the only one I can think of for now is Knitting for a hobby - and that is about one of the few crafty things I DON'T do! ... although I have and I can, so will be able to take/find pictures fo that if I have to)


  1. I think there will be a few arachnids this week. I love that "curly" effect on your photo.

  2. Snap on the spider! Mind you, I just knew you would have spider, too!
    Love the digital art effect!

  3. Go the arachnids eh? NOT my favourite animals I must say.

  4. I love snow... well the photo of snow anyway .. the real stuff is just so cold

  5. hmmm ... I never did mention that the spider in my photo doesn't actually seem to HAVE 8 legs ... they often loose them and seem to just go on as normal with one less - I guess when you have 8 then 7 is nearly as good? but when you only have 2 then if you loose one then you only have half as many and only have ONE left ... hmmm maybe there is a moral here - "don't worry about what you have lost - look at what you have left"?
    er ... I probably shouldn't comment on blogs at this late hour of night ... but I guess at least this time I won't annoy the blog owner (by writing all this weird stuff) because at least this time it is my own blog I am commenting on - LOL
    (I probably should have spent the time editing the post and correcting the typo in the last line of the post ... but I decided it has been there this long, why bother? LOL)


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