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Saturday, April 26, 2008

My oh My - it is Scatterday already!

Actually it isn't Saturday yet [ it is now ] ... I am starting to type this at about 5 past Midnight last Sunday, just after posting the last one! ... because I just thought of something several things already and I don't want to forget!
[I am adding the stuff that I am writing now, in the wee small hours of Saturday Morning, in Mauve ... actually it is probably technically lavender, but so what? - lol]

This Scatterday is the letter M and Music, Dangerous, Cold Things.

... DD (Dear Daughter) has put a heap of band posters on her wall - but is any of it music? ... maybe she has one of Metallica? [ DD sugests Marilyn Manson ... "he is musical and Dangerous" or Motley Crue's lead guitarist - Mick Mars]

I decided to take a photo of the Marilyn Manson posters in the corner of DS (Dear Son)'s room -

Marilyn Manson probably satisfies all 3 things - cold, dangerous and musical! LOL

maybe a Moog synthesiser (I remember hearing about them on the radio as a kid and being fascinated ... now they are old technology ... then again ... just looked here - - seems they are popular again! ... along with other weird things like theremins - pity I don't have one of those - I could have used it last week for a T thing - lol)

Mould can be rather dangerous:

hmmm do I have a photo of some? [don't think so ... at least not that I can find easily] ... OR ... where can I hide something so it can go mouldy for a few days until I remember it next Saturday when I realise I need the photo?! LOL
[ oops - forgot to hide something ... lol ... I am sure there is something just perfect in the fridge at work - very mouldy and probably quite dangerous - the somebodys mouldy lunch that I saw in there on the last Friday of the school term, before we all went on "school holidays" ... but I was not going in to work in my time off just in case it is still there!]

Maybe Mungo is dangerous? (he sure looks dangerous in the photo DD took!)
... but she didn't e-mail/share the photo - it is still on HER computer
However I do have a photo of Mungo being Musical!

(anyone who has been reading my other scatterday posts might notice that I also posted this picture for scatterday "T" a few weeks back - lol)

DD said I should take a photo of "My daughter with scissors"

so here is My daughter being dangerous and running with scissors - lol
and ...
several photos later ...
we now also have "My Mad daughter Murdering the pink panther"

Eating the wrong species of Mushrooms can be dangerous - I don't have a photo of a dangerous mushroom species, but here is a link:

hmmm - now what else is dangerous?

Maybe a Moggy?

she was rolling in the dirt on the back "lawn" (well it WAS a lawn before we had a drought!)

Maybe a Mutt?

"Mutt in the Mist"? LOL
I was facing into the sun when I took the photo and it came out all weird and misty like this - and I kind of like the effect!

Midnight snacks can be dangerous!

actually it wasn't quite midnight - it was just after 11pm last night ... DD came in here (I was messing around with e-mail or something) and asked me if I had a pancake recipe that we had the ingredients for ... in other words what she wanted was for ME to Make her some pancakes - lol
(so what's the dangerous part? - the fact that at or near Midnight one tends to do silly stuff like make smiley faces with the pancake mixture ;-)

MMMMM - this one tastes even better - the other one had golden syrup and margerine on it, this one has brown sugar and lemon juice!

Another possibly dangerous thing is Messing about with Marking pens and Metho:

I did this today - was experimenting to see if doing this worked with Metho instead of the Isopropyl alcohol that someone, on the art quilt yahoogroup I am on, saw in a magazine ... not sure if this was what they were trying to do ... but the website I found, that had instructions for doing this, also said to use Isopropyl alcohol ... but I had an idea Metho might work ok for what I wanted ... now all I have to do is see if it washes out or not (because I want it to NOT - lol)

I also did this weird circle:

I did circles of dots, and some hearts, with the markers then dropped drips of metho into the middle until it had spread out to the edges.
and I did some poppies - the ones on yesterday's blog post (that I posted a little while ago - just before I dragged this one out of the drafts folder and put the photos/this text in)

Another dangerous thing is "Mad person with camera"

I took this photo while walking the dog along the edge of the lake this evening, then played around with "highlight/midtone/shadow" in the photo editing software we have (because the sky was a bit darker and the willow tree was way to bright) ... this actually looks like it could lead to an interesting idea for a quilt ... one more to add to the hundreds I have already thought up and will never have time to make most of, unless I live to be a million years old or something!

btw - "MadPersonWithCamera" is also my name on one of my flickr accounts (I ended up with 2 when yahoo photos died and gave us the option to move to flickr - and I had 2 yahoo accounts with phtos on them - lol) ... but it is the one with hardly any photos on it ... lol
Most of my flickr photos are here (there are a few photos of crochet and quilty stuff I have made, and a few of family/friends/etc ... and I think they were all taken at least a few years ago) ... and the "mad person with camera" ones are here , but you won't see any photos there (unless I put some more there at some stage after writing this blog post ;-) because the few that are on there at the moment are in a "private" album (most of them were photos I took for DD's scout troop, and I didn't want to put them in a public album because they are other people's kids) .
The only photos I have recently put online are the ones I put here in my blog! (or the odd few I put in my other blogs, if I ever get around to posting to those)

er ... I am getting a bit off track there - lol - back to Scatterday:

Cold things:

er ... now that the nights are not so warm, My toes could be getting cold when I am in here posting this? [nope - got my nice warm slippers on ;-) ] ... or maybe I could google for "glacial Morraine"? lol -

DD says "Monday Morning at the 'goonbag'"
but I didn't go there on Monday Morning to take a photo ... in fact I have never actually seen the thing ... but from what DD has told me, it is some sculpture thingy in the middle of the city (it has only been there a year or 2 and I never go up that end of the mall it is in) apparently it is designed to sit on, and is shaped like a big silver cushion ... but those who hang around there say it looks like a bag of goon (ie the silver bag out of a wine cask!) - so they call it the goonbag - LOL

[?find a nice picture of McMurdo station, Antarctica ? ... borrow one of these? or just link here? - (he has some good pictures on his blog) ... or google some other cold place starting with M? ... the Mars polar ice cap?]

I might have to google for the Martian ice cap ... I found a really pretty picture of it a few weeks ago and printed it - because I am thinking of using it for a journal quilt that I want to do - the one where we are supposed to do a quilt from/based on a photo ...

hmmm can't find the photo quickly ... but the top picture on this page is rather cool - (it is the Martian South pole ... and it is another one that I have seen before and thought it would be a good quilt design ... lol

... in fact most of these images would make interesting quilts/etc and they are rather spectacular - I must remember to go back and have a good look sometime when I am not supposed to be sleeping! LOL

yes - it is 5am already ... where did my "evening" go?!

(the hours seem to vanish into thin air when I come in here and do blog posts at the same time as reading/sending e-mail and/or googling for stuff ... especially if I also end up fiddling around with photos, blog templates, or whatever as well ... which I also did ... but not this blog - this one)

This isn't Sunrise:

it was Sunset last night, next to the cold Murky lake where I walked the dog, so "Murky lake" can be my cold thing photo.
(unless you want to count one of the Markers and Metho ones - Metho is cold when you get it on your skin - something to do with the evaporative cooling as it rapidly evaporates)

I think I have enough musical, dangerous and cold M things in that lot ... too bad if I don't - I am going to post this now, and go to bed!


  1. Wow!

    First, thanks for visiting me at UnaOdd. :^)

    I'm another seldom-post and really sort of scattered. I thought I'd just ramble on and never really thought anyone would ever stop in.

    I like your 'flow'. I'm a definite 'by the seat of my pants' poster.

    I would love to visit Australia one day.


  2. wow you sure outdd us all. and at the stat of scatterday and me almost at the end
    Well done

  3. er ... my blog has "flow"? ... I thought I just threw stuff up here whenever I got around to it ... LOL
    ... and the only reason I have been doing most of my scatterday posts at the start of the day is because it is when I am still up from the day before!!!
    ... the "flow" might become a trickle again for a while now ... school holidays are ending and I will be back at work ... and I think life is going to start getting busy again too ...


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