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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Er... Oops?

Yes, I am still alive...  Just realised it has been almost a year since I posted here. ..  I really must fix that...
I have kind of been busy... Working at a job I have been doing for way to long, going Geocaching to keep sane (insane?)...  Seems to be my current  way of practising "mindfulness" (last year it was kayaking, and taking Sunrise photos while doing that...  This year I seem to have somehow got in to finding at least one Geocache every day since just after Easter ... Not sure how many days I am up to now - I have a backlog of logging to catch up on  ... Not just my usual disorganised - the last few weeks has been due to not only limited time to log, but also limited phone data/internet - I just had a 3 week holiday on the North Island of New Zealand (travelling around with my parents, in a hire campervan... And having baths in buckets - lol)...  Got a local sim card with 1GB of data to play with... Used some of it for email and the odd look at Facebook and Twitter, and to tweet a few photos... And used most of it for finding Geocaches... Or using the listing's for geocaches that are at places we were going past/to to find things to see and places to camp for the night - lol
I thought I might find 5 or 10 caches the whole time I was there but I found one or more (about 8 a few times) every day - lol
But... Now I am home... and back at work... and life kind of sucks again... sigh...

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