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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Am I famous now?

A year and a half ago, I posted a picture of this journal quilt in this blog post.

A photo of it is in the February 2008 issue of Down Under Quilts - one of Australia's best known quilting magazines!
The photo is one of several photos (with short descriptions) of people's journal quilts, that are part of an article about how a group of us made them, and then each chose 5 to send in to someone who organised for them to travel all over Australia and be exhibited at quilt shows/etc ...

They even mention the article on the front cover!

(I drew a green oval around that bit)

This is the page with the photo of my quilt on it:

(both those photos link to bigger ones if you want a closer look)

so ... does that mean I am famous yet?

(actually - I think it just means I know the right people and/or got involved in the right thing at the right time - lol)

btw, I have been on TV at least a couple of times ... twice on some South Australian current affairs show, back in the early 80s ... once was when they filmed some article at the university I went to - and there was a shot of me in lab coat and safety glasses, wandering around trying to think of something to do that looked like I knew what I was doing. The other time was part of an article about some project for unemployed youth - where we learnt to scuba dive and then did a clean up of the sea floor under a local jetty - so the group of us were interviewed - dressed in daggy (hired) wetsuits with salty hair! LOL
I also had my photo in South Australia's Sunday paper around that time too! - I think it was on the back cover, and I was holding an Albatross!

Ohhh ... with this web browser the editor thingy has a spell check ... trouble is - it keeps telling me that there is something wrong with words like "thingy" and "LOL" and "btw" - LOL
I got sick of the web browser crashing - it did it 2 or 3 times while I was writing the last blog post and again while I was fixing up some things in a couple of old posts (mainly a few photos were all weird - because I still had a couple of posts where the photos were actually hot linked from my "geoshitties" page, so I did away with linking them and just found the photos again, on the computer, and uploaded them directly into the blog posts, like I have been doing for all my more recent posts) ... anyway ... after "Internet Exploder" crashed yet again, while I was checking for any more things that needed fixing ... I decided to use Firefox instead ... and it seems to work much better for doing stuff with my blog ... and I think it is probably a good thing that it has the spell checker thing (which I had totally forgotten about since the last time I used Firefox to post to my blog) - because when I went back and edited that old journal quilt post (I added a little note about the quilt being in a magazine ;-) I found, and fixed, about a dozen typos/spelling mistakes!!!

one thing has got me wondering though - I know how to spell the word "browser", but how come every time I typed it in this post (except that one ;-) I accidentally typed "browswer" instead?!! LOL

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  1. You're more famous than me. :)

    I (well, my son) owns the bears paw on the front cover of that magazine. I think I got bragging rights for my blog and family, but that's about the extent of my fame.

    I have never attempted journal quilts. Crafty, not arty, is me.


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