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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Silly thing ...

I found this thingy on ... I don't often/usually put these things on my blog ... but this one actually sort of half/mostly fits me! LOL (especially that first bit) ... then again - if I read any of the other times of day I could have been (and I could have easily been some other time instead - seeing half of my answers were a case of randomly pick one out of 2 or 3 that were equally correct, or were equally not the answer I would have said if it had been there to chose), they probably also sort of half/mostly fit me as well - I am sure they write them like that so people will go there and use them - LOL

(a bit like reading someone their "stars" from yesterday's/last week's paper and them saying "oh yes - that DID happen to me ... then you reveal that you were actually reading out what it said for some other star sign, rather than theirs ... LOL)

You Are Midnight

You are more than a little eccentric, and you're apt to keep very unusual habits.

Whether you're a nightowl, living in a commune, or taking a vow of silence - you like to experiment with your lifestyle.

Expressing your individuality is important to you, and you often lie awake in bed thinking about the world and your place in it.

You enjoy staying home, but that doesn't mean you're a hermit. You also appreciate quality time with family and close friends.

pity I had to fix up their crappy HTML code (the supposedly "fixed for blogger" version) after I pasted it in here! lol

anyway ... the first and 3rd paragraph are definitely ME ... and the other 2 sort of fit

... but neither of them mention the fact that I have a wonderful DH who has just brought me the bottle of cream and a toasted something he made in the new toasted sandwich maker we got the other day (the old one died).

[andrea digs spoon in to see what it is]

... mmm - apple! ... I gotta go eat this! (before the dog steals it) LOL

(DH just came back in - told me it was one of the recipes that came in the instruction book, and then he stole a bit and gave it to the dog! ... so I had better eat the rest before I loose any more of it!)

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