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Monday, January 28, 2008

Why u should not buy coffee from vending machines on railway platforms

... I can think of many reasons (costs too much, tastes horrid, don't always get both coffee and a cup!) - but then I DON'T buy coffee from any vending machines! (if I ever do buy coffee, it has to be the proper stuff - either an iced coffee (preferably with a shot of real coffee not syrup), or a "long black" made from coffee ground from beans, and done with a proper espresso coffee machine in a cafe' or similar ... although I also do buy coffee made in a drip filter thingy in that fast food place that starts with an "M" ...

Anyway ... while I was up in Sydney the other week, with that group of Scouts (one of whom was my DD), we had to wait a few minutes for a train, and some of the Scouts saw a vending machine and decided that they could do with a nice hot cup of coffee ... so the first one put her money into the slot and selected what she wanted ... but for some odd reason the others all decided not to have one after all ...

I guess a "cappuchino with little brown ants" just isn't that appertising!

(yes - they ARE ants - click on the photo if u want a closer look)

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