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Thursday, June 16, 2005

busy busy busy ...

Er ... methinks it is time I checked in to see if this still works ...
I am still here - just been busy lately
- I sent an e-mail (about plans for this weekend) to someone last night - here is what I wrote at the end when I "signed" it ...

who should be out in my sewing room organising my entry forms/etc for the
Quilt show ... entries are due by Friday ... looks like I will be delivering
mine in person because it is too late to post it in time now ... and 2 of
the things need photos with the form ... which is easy to do once I have
taken them (just take camera's memory card in to a photo place tomorrow and
pick it up Friday) ... but first I have to take the photo ... which sounds
easy ... except that I have not actually finished enough of the things to
take a photo of! LOL ... at least it doesn't have to be a photo of the
finished item, but there does at least have to be enough done to show
roughly what it looks like and what colour it is ... and for one thing (a
bag challenge) I have not even worked out what I am using for all of the
fabrics ... and the other one (a biggish quilt) I have worked out the
design/etc and cut out bits to appliqué on ... but I have to work out if I
am going to put a border on it etc and what size it will be ...
... so I had better go get a wiggle on before I fall asleep
... and I have to go let the dog in too ... lol
btw ... I finished a crochet item in my morning tea break today (one I
started in front of the tv last night - lol) ... and those who saw it
laughed at it (me?) ... what was it? - a crochet CARROT ... LOL
and ... in front of the tv tonight (we watched that new beyond whatever it
is show) ... I crocheted a green chilli pepper!
and the dog still wants in ...
... and I HAVE to go organise how the rest of this bag is going to be done
... and the quilt ...
hmmm ... fill out entry form and put in a note saying "photo will be
supplied later"? LOL (don't think they would like that though)
... the dog still wants in ...
(or is he in and wants out? ... nah - he would be coming in here to try and
get me to get up and follow him to the door if he wanted out - clever mutt
(btw I just decided to send a cc of this to myself at work so, if I get time
for a lunch break, I can stick a copy up on my poor neglected blog )

and of course - here i am sending this from work (I did get a lunch break ... a quick few minutes now after "lunch" is officially over ... just eating my lunch while I do this ... LOL)

btw ... the dog actually wanted OUT ... he came in and lay down beside me just after I hit the send button on the e-mail ... he went out when I got up and left the room a minute or 2 later ... then he wanted back in, back out, back in ... etc ... while I did most of that organising/sewing stuff

oh oh ... now the boss wants me to do some work ... better gobble the last of my lunch and go ...

bye ...