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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

C is for Canberra

... A City which is now 100 years old - yes, there was a rather Crazy birthday party earlier this year, and a whole heap of other Community events are happening all year long - there is an official website about it here - It even has a Calendar, which I keep forgetting to Check.
One of the things that happened as part of the Centenary Celebrations was the Commissioning and Creation of a rather unique hot air balloon ... which Caused quite a Controversy ... you will probably be able to guess why, if you have a look here - or here -  (yes it even has a website :)
Anyway ... I am one of those who actually like it ... and I was even inspired to get Creative ... in fact I think I got a bit Crazy, because I kind of ended up Creating this hat ...

... and there are meant to be some other photos in here ... but I added (or thought I had) those on my iPad over the wifi here at work, and this one via my phone later ... and then noticed that the work wifi does not seem to be talking properly with the blogger app and they are not showing up when I log in via a work computer or the web browser on my iPad ... ahhh - the joys of modern technology ... 'tis wonderful ... IF it works ... LOL
Anyway, the ABC Wednesday Letter D is already just been posted, and the linky thingy for C posts closes in about 15 minutes, so I will post this and sneak it in there, then try and get the other photos into this post later, when I have time to mess around with stuff (or just put them in another post later - lol)  ... Then I will have to see see if I can think of something for D, and get time to actually blog (my life is still a bit upside down and hectic, with less Internet access than I used to have ...)