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Monday, April 23, 2012

Nets, and some other Nutty stuff ...

? apropos of Nothing ... or something like that ...
This is actually a post that I did NOT get around to posting back when I wrote it, so it is Not all New Now.

I Kind of didn't get around to a K post, for ABC Wednesday, and Lost the chance to do L in time ... Much the same for M ... so Now it is ... er - make that "was" ... N time (in fact it is Nearly too late for that!) ... lets hope this one doesn't end up as "Oops" ;-)
No - worse maybe - I was Naughty and "lost" it in among my draft posts for a year or so - LOL

The other day week month ... last year, I think I did take a photo of Nancy and her Nice, Nifty, Nets ... and she said she didn't mind if I used the photo on my blog ;-)

[ insert nancy net photo here if I can FIND it]

ok ... that might be easier said than done, but I am finding a few other N photos while I am looking:

a ?yabby Net that the dog fished out of a local dam 

... I think whoever left it there was probably a bit Naughty - as far as I know one is Not allowed to use that sort of Net in this area.

I also found a photo of some Nutrigrain:

... why was I playing with Nutrigrain at work? 
 - I was doing this:
 - setting up a rather odd science practical lesson ... the nutrigrain and beads and stuff were "prey" and the students got to use forks/spoons/skewers/etc to be different types of predators.

I also get to clean up the mess after science lessons ... and sometimes I get some odd things come back from the classroom ... something definitely looks Not quite right (in fact definitely wrong) here:
The brownish one is what it is meant to look like ... not sure what they did to the other one ... from the colour of it I would say one "delightful" student decided that it needed to be refilled with copper sulphate, or copper chloride ... sigh ... 

Something also looks a bit Not right with this beer label:
 ... or is it just me who thinks there is something a bit unfortunate with the placement of the dark tip on that Thylacine's ear? (if you click on the photo you should get a closer look ;-)

N is also for Nose:
... welll - Diesel's Nose kind of IS in the middle of this photo ;-)

More "Not right" - it may have been a Nice fence, before some Naughty Nutcase wrote on it with a spray can!

some more Nutty things:
 ... the results of me messing around with some dog hair at a friend's dog grooming salon ;-)

a Nice place to sleep?
 Spook seems to think I put that bunch of grass on the chair just so her head would be in the shade ;-)

Not right line markings? 

Nice view! - from on top of The Nut, at Stanley, Tasmania (while on holidays there a while back)

... and I finally found the photos of Nancy and her Nets! LOL

She also gave me a URL ... which she wrote (Neatly?) on a bit of paper ... I wonder where I put that? lol
actually I think I found that and went there, and the page didn't exist ... but I got the correct URL a bit later on - ... a site which I never did get around to having a decent look at, but (looking at it quickly now) I think I could get lost on there for a rather long time - LOL
actually I think that was a newer URL ... I am sure the original one she gave me was on blogspot - ah - here it is also interesting to look at (gives an explanation of what it was/is all about) but hasn't been posted to since last year.

Now ... for some other N related, and hopefully Not too Nasty, Nuttiness from the InterNet ...

I often go here - What Not to Crochet er ... now I have to go find that link - LOL 
- it can be found here:
(oh dear ... there are a few New things since I last looked, and some are downright Nasty! ;-)

there are also some what Not to knit sites too ... and I wonder how long before this - Knit Your Own Royal Wedding - will appear on those?! (er - that kind of gives away just how LONG ago I started writing this blog post! lol)
(or this, for that matter - Knit Your Own Dog: Easy-to-Follow Patterns for 25 Pedigree Pooches
... and I can Not leave out this Nutty crochet version - Ami Ami Dogs: Seriously Cute Crochet )
If they were going to, they probably have by Now, but I an Not going to go check ;-)
I suppose, before I post this mess, I should also check if those links still work? lol  
(yes - they do ... they are actually books one can buy on the Amazon website ;-)

I was probably going to add some more Nonsense in here, but I think this post is now more than long eNough ;-)

btw ... just an interesting thing I Noticed as I was checking for typos (some of which I am sure to have Not Noticed), and looking to make sure I had Not forgotten to add any URLs/etc - this post contains NO tweets - LOL
(although I am fairly sure I have posted at least one of these photos to Facebook at some stage ;-)

Now, it is time to post this, add my URL to the list of Nutty N stuff on  and go and watch the News ...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Maybe I should actually blog sometime?

I figured that Might be a good idea ... or Maybe it is a Mad one ...
... and for some reason a few months have slipped by ... and Wednesday ABC is now up to the letter M already?! (I seem to have Missed quite a few again)

I have not been blogging, but I have been Tweeting ... and some of my tweets (mostly the ones with photos in them) have been Mainly because I wanted to be able to use that storify thingy to drag them into "stories" for blog posts - LOL (I just kind of never got any further than taking the photos and tweeting them - lol)

But I just found a few spare Moments (well - More than a few Minutes ;-) and dragged a whole pile of tweets about Munchies and other Marvelous Morsels into a story ... which hopefully should appear here:

Maybe ...
It is kind of disconcerting when it doesn't actually show up in here in the editor in "compose" mode, but the html is there when I look at that, and it does seem to come up on in the preview ... so here is hoping ... lol

Actually if it is not there that Might be a good thing - it is rather Monstrously long ;-)

with a bit of luck I will be able to get back into the habit of posting a bit More often again ... even if it is just cheating like this and dragging tweets into "stories" using LOL

btw ... I just tried posting to Wordpress (have a blog on there - created it when I signed up so I could log in t

oops? lol
*that was where blogger had just saved what I was typing in here, when something went scewy with the network at home and I lost connection to the internet, and took it as a hint to go to bed before the sun came up* 
Now where was I? 
... oh yes - think I was just explaining that I tried to put this storify thingy into a wordpress blog that I had hanging around (created a year or 3 ago when I signed up so I could log in to comment on wordpress blogs, and never actually did anything with because I already blog here ;-) and it seems to have not worked on there ... hopefully it will on here - it did last time ;-)
Mind you ... the reason it works here and not there may be because, for some reason (like the fact that I have actually used this one - lol), I know my way around the blogger blog editor a bit better than the Wordpress one - LOL
Anyway ... time to post this before any more days slip by and it is time for the next letter on ABC Wednesday, and therefor too late to put this post in there ...