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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Something to do while you wait ...

... for me to update this blog - here (below) are a few silly/etc websites
to keep you occupied.
(that is if there is anybody who still comes and looks at this blog anyway

(u may as well go look - me updating this properly might take a while to
actually happen - I seem to always be too busy lately ... not sure what I am
too busy doing though - I never seem to get anything much done either ... )

Work was boring today ... spent the day trying to organise the mess from
when I had to move everything out while they re-built the main room I work
in (I think I liked it better how it was before!), and then had to move it
all back in again ... all while still trying to actually DO some work
(preparing chemicals and equipment for high school science classes, and
cleaning up the B$^%& mess afterwards) ... so of course it has got in an
even bigger mess (today the teachers and students were all out of the school
on a "walkathon/cross country" thingy, which meant they were not there
wanting stuff got out for lessons, etc - so I had a day to catch up ...
well - to try and catch up a bit anyway ... sigh
So ... the first silly URL is work related ... this is the sort of science
stuff I would rather be doing (writing blogs is far more fun than trying to
work out what shelf/cupboard to put what stuff in) ... anyway ... from a
newsletter thingy I get via e-mail at work ... a link to someone's science
blog -

"What newsletter thingy?" you ask ... oh ... you can subscribe to it here
... (or click on the
"science by e-mail home" link there and read about it)

It is cold here in Canberra now ... but it is colder where this blogger is
(but I might like his job better than mine too - lol) ... I found this
listed as one of the "blogs of note" when I logged in here to post to my
blog -

now ... time for a couple of interesting creative/textile related links ...

2 people's versions of how to make fabric postcards -

those links were on

so was this one -

... she also caught the bug and started a couple of her own ... this is one
of them -

gee she finds, and posts about, some interesting stuff!

this wasn't on her page though - it came from the teacher/librarian at
work - silly game it is ...

anyway ... I still have a few e-mails to read, and DH is on his way home
from work ... and when he gets here we are going out for take-away or
something ... so I had better go read those e-mails ... lol

oh ... before I go - anyone know anything about lace? ... this person - has just posted a picture of some that she
doesn't know much about and wanted to know more (that was also mentioned on
inaminuteago ... lol) ... I know someone who might know ... so now I have an
e-mail to send as well as a few to read ... lol

It is now one day later ... I tried to post all this (above) to my blog the night before last ... but something wasn't working and when I hit the "publish post" button it all vanished but didn't appear on my post ... luckily it was still "there" when I hit the "back" button ... but it wouldn't go onto the blog ... I hope whatever it was is now fixed ... else I will have to blame windoze or something - this is a new version of their browser I am using ... it works a bit like firefox now - with tabs and stuff ... and harder to find a couple things I like to use - like there is no drop down list of the last few pages I went to if I want to go back more than one page - have to go find it under the history, which took me a while to find where the heck that was! ... methinks maybe firefox still works better?

oh well ... I actually came in here to do other stuff - just decided to have another go at posting this stuff while I was here ;-)
... so now it is time to hit that "publish" button again and see what happens ...