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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunset haiku

The sun slides slowly
from the sky into the hills
yellow, pink, then grey

hmmm I wrote that Haiku earlier this year, but I wrote a longer Sunset poem Several years ago ... I wonder if I ever posted it to my blog (I actually wrote the poem before blogs were invented - lol - but I may have posted it here in another Sunset post Sometime ... I guess I will look and See if I did, Someday)

meanwhile ... here are some other Strange Sunset photos I have taken this year (at various times between about the end of Febuary and the start of May) ... and ... unlike the above photo - some of these are actually the colours I mentioned in the haiku - LOL

and ... I can't do an ABC Wednesday S post without at least one Spider ;-)

... like this one with Sharp looking Spikes on it - LOL